Good Morning

As you can see by the sun, this photo is not as early as usual. We have some lovely clouds and a blue sky. It is cleaning lady day, so I have a different routine. She is now busy and I am taking it easy at the computer 1-2 hours later than my usual routine, but no bother. After my trials and tribulations of the past week I have decided to take it easy. I still have an injured hand and arm from my burns but it can only get better. My hand had a blister, but that is now gone and it is healing nicely. An annoyance was the bandage I had on my arm. It had been cared for by the doctor and today I should go again for a new bandage. However in the last few days the bandage I had was no longer doing its job so well. Luckily I had material myself, but the bandage was sticking to the wound and my arm was sore. Today I decided to remove the bandage, let the arm have some fresh air and it is working well. I feel better, more free to move. I even showered without binding my arm in plastic film and everything went well. I will see what the doc says this afternoon. Not only is the physical condition better, but my psychological condition. I can move again normally and do the housework. Of course I am taking care, but this morning I have been born again and the pressure has gone.

I had some visitors yesterday morning. I had not seen any birds in my garden for some time, but there must have been something interesting as they all arrived at once. Even a special bird (perhaps a chaffinch) arrived to complete the picture.

My apple tree also was showing itself from its best side so I will be busy during September getting the harvest in.

And that is all I have to say at the moment. I wish you all a good day, goodness it is already September almost. Time really flies. Enjoy the day and take care. See you on the flip side (although I cannot remember where I put the flip side).