Good Morning

At last a sky that says welcome to the day, naturally after a night of rain. However today should be a good one weatherwise: no rain, sun, and comfortable temperatures but still not warm enough for this time of the year. We are usually steaming in a heat wave in August, but this year no sign of it. I am not sorry, but it is strange. Is it climate change? Climates seem to be changing constantly.

I was listening to the local news and now know a little more why cases of Covid are rising, at least in our Kanton. The most infected people as those that have returned from holidays in another country. I am glad that I no longer go anywhere except for locally.

Otherwise the only action I have in my little village is in the garden where the bees are humming around amongst the flowers (when it is not raining, of course). They really are a busy group and are continually flying and sitting on the flowers. Here this one is in my herb bed on the savoury.

They were naturally also busy on the buddleia.

And that is the only action here at the moment. I will have to venture to the stores this afternoon as I have a few items for the week-end, although most will be delivered this morning from the store. And that is really all I have to say this morning. Mr. Swiss has now joined me and is no longer hugging the bed and I will now proceed to my daily chores, but no rush. Friday morning is a relaxed morning. Yesterday I had enough stress with baking a bread and putting fresh linen on the beds. My only extra chore will be ironing the freshly washed duvet and pillow covers.

Have a good Friday, there will be two whole days for the week-end arriving tomorrow.