RDP Thursday: Rusty Relic

I think I almost fell in love with this the first time I saw it. It was in an alcove on the path to the supermarket. Everytime I went shopping I saw it. It was a relic from the good old days when you pumped out the gas you needed for your car. You do not see them like that very often today and must now be a museum piece. However, like many such treasures one day it was no longer there. Perhaps it went to the scrap merchant, or someone might even had taken it home and found a good place for it to spend its remaining days. It must have seen many old veterans of the road in its time.

RDP Thursday; Rusty Relic

Good Morning

Nothing special this morning, but there is a small patch of blue poking through, so let us hope there will be a little more during the day, not that I am going anywhere. The Swiss weather report just said today will be a little like Autumn but only in the early morning. Otherwise the sun will arrive get warmer. The week-end will even be quite hot with full sun. I am busy putting clean linen on the beds and have already began. Now I just have the sheets to deal with and a general clean up under the be, always the same old routine.

I am also busy preparing my unwanted articles for the big collection next week. Luckily No. 1 son will help to carry it ouside to the place where the neighbours congregate with their articles no longer needed. I realised some time ago how much unnecessary and surplus goods that you collect throughout life. the little ornaments which you have, either gifted or self bought, that really serve no purpose, not to mention the stuff you inherit from generations no longer here, just because it belonged to them. I also read that second hand clothing is now being used more. I do not have any, just wear the same old thing. As a golden oldie I have gathered enough experience in life to know what I really need for comfort.

Life continues in the garden and Fred the slug is again slugging his was across the stones and bricks. He seems to be growing due to the healthy food he is finding most probably.

I also saw one of his more advanced aristocratic relations, just a small snail, but I am sure it will grow and at least it has a shell for protection.

Yesterday I was busy deadheading the flowers that have wilted on various plants in the garden. It really does prolong the flowering time when you cut them away.

And naturally the bees are pleased to find new sources of nectar delights.

I have nothing new to report. Corona is still rearing its ugly head. Our village is quite corona free, perhaps one or two cases in half a year, but mainly due to holiday travellers returning or perhaps the unvaccinnated. I am glad if it stays away from my door.

Wishing everyone a good day with no unexpected problems.

Even bees can perform balancing acts on the plants.