Good Morning

It is looking good after a night of rain. Even the sun has now made appearance. Our Swiss weather prophets have also prophesied a sunny warm week, even a mini heatwave, although it is still quite cool outside, but pleasant. Perhaps the summer is arriving at last. I have never known such a wet summer as this one was. The last floods were yesterday in the Italian part of Switzerland where they had heavy rain showers setting some of the streets under water.

This guy has never had it so good and is in his element. I see them in the morning on their way home after a slimy wet night.

This one even had some breakfast before going underground.

Otherwise I have been quite busy reducing articles we no longer need. Yesterday I phoned our vet and she is taking the two cat transport cages. I have known her since many years and I remember when she took over the practice from the vet before her. I also had a folding bed which we bought about fifteen years ago. It is in excellent condition and was more for an emergency when my son was working in Brussels, Belgium. He used it when he came home for a holiday, but not very often, and it is occupying space in our basement room. It is in perfect condition and will be picked up next week on Wednesday. At the same time I had three chairs (leather and steel) which were no longer needed. We had them in the kitchen, but they never really fit and have also been sitting in our basement for a few years. They will be picked up on Tuesday. I had so many people interested in them. It seems that Facebook is ideal for solving unwanted furniture and everything was gone in a few hours. I also have a large sofa bed no longer needed and never been used as a bed. When the other goods have been picked up I will advertise that as well. The advantage is that I have nothing to do with transport. The interested people have to organise that themselves.

When that is all dealt with I can begin to empty the basement room. We have collected so many unwanted objects and we are not getting any younger and when you examine the situation you realise how much you really do not need. We have the local collection days at the end of the month, one for unwanted furniture and the other for metal objects. I will also have a few articles, especially metal, to put out on the roadside to be picked up. It is all a matter or organisation.

You always learn these things too late in life.

Otherwise I saw this interesting guy in the neighbours garden. He landed on a leaf and I decided he would be worthy of a photo. He was really a mega fly compared to the others.

I am now off for the daily tasks, but being a Sunday have nothing planned for the day. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, and may it be without stress – as Sundays should be, although I know it does not always work out that way.

The neighbour’s cat, Roschti, shows you how to relax. Just settle on the next free space and relax.