RDP Tuesday: Diverticulitis

I see it a bit like this photo. You eat your food, it is digested and afterwards it is disposed of. However, if no-one empties the garbage can it is not so good. My Mr. Swiss suffered from diverticulitis for a few years until the garbage can needed some repair work, although repairs meant removing the parts that were no longer working as smooth as they should be. It was quite painful. After an operation and removal of 28 cm of the colon, the garbage can was back in order. This was about 20 years ago and no more problems.

RDP Tuesday: Diverticulitis

Good Morning

This is really going to be a quick one to show I am alive. Today the cleaning lady is here, No. 1 son also means I am a little later as I like to eat earlier at midday when he is here and I had my delivery of the online ordered goods. There are always meat supplies that I like to vacuum for the freezer when they arrive so time began to slip away.

I must show my highlight of the day yesterday. A tortoiseshell butterfly arrived in my garden and perched on the sweet peas. It is my first butterfly photo of the year and she even stayed a while for a few photos. I have not seen one of these for a long time.

I also spotted this little lady or whatever on one of my flowers. I am sure it is not a bee, probably just a common hoverfly, but was something new.

And now I must really go. Dinner is cooking the cleaning lady has finished and I have other things to do. At the moment the weather is reasonable and the sun is shining. I really want to go to town this afternoon for a few items although they have said there will be showers, but it really does not look like it. Have a good day everyone, I hope to see you later.