Flower of the Day: 24.01.2018 Sedum


The last photo of my sedum until later this year. This was taken on 20th September, 2017 when it reached its darkest shade of pink. It is still in the garden, but now only with dry flower heads. I always keep it until Spring is around the corner to add a little bit of colour to the winter garden.

Flower of the Day: 24.01.2018 Sedum

Flower of the Day:25.09.2016 Sedum

Sedum 24.09.2016

Another Autumn symptom: the flowers are disappearing, drying up, their colours darkening, but I will leave them. Instead of the pretty pink it it now becoming a deeper shade of red.When the colder temperatures arrive and the snow and ice, it will change again, in a frozen beauty. It still remains an attractive centerpiece in the garden. The bees have now disappeared, they have gathered all that they could.

Flower of the Day:25.09.2016 Sedum