Good Morning

Although it is a cloudy grey morning after a night of rain, I managed something a little brighter for a good morning photo, a view of my front garden where the buddleia are now flowering. They bring a little colour into the day.

Yesterday I really had to get into town – Mr. Swiss weekly supply of cigarettes and a few items in the store otherwise were necessary. Rain or no rain I saddled my scooter and was off. On the way I felt a few spots of rain, but they remained as isolated spots and I stayed dry.

Some of the decorations for our national day of 1st August were still hanging. This is the building with the local headquarters of our army so they had to be patriotic. We have the Swiss flag on the left and the flag of our Kanton of Solothurn on the right. I remember when Mr. Swiss had to report to this building, many years ago. He was exempt from the annual three weeks of national service due to health reasons, so had to pay his military tax once a year and appear in person with the cash, and that was an expensive tax invoice.. This has now been changed, and like all normal tax procedures, you can now do it online with your other invoices, although as a golden oldie he no longer has to pay any military tax.

As I wheeled into town on my scooter I passed our first world war memorial on the back road. I always found this a strange statue with a naked soldier (except for the helmet) carrying a sword in an appropriate place. At least they plant some flowers during the Summer to brighten it up. This is the only reminder that there was a war. They did not seem to bother with the second world war. We were neutral in both wars, but I know my father-in-law had to do his duty guarding the borders of the country with his regiment.

Moving on in town I notice that our roadside cafés were quite populated and even the streets had more people. Covid is still with us, but rules and regulations have been a little relaxed. Serving personnel must still wear their masks, but the general population can please themselves. We still must be masked in enclosed spaces such as the stores. For a while our infections were diminishing but now we have a jump in statistics probably due to the new variant of the virus and also people who think it is a fuss about nothing and refuse to be vaccinated. The vaccination centres are now being dissolved gradually and you must go to your doctor for a jab which will now probably begin to cost money. Up to now it was all free.

I passed our museum on the way, which is mainly full of paintings from our Swiss artists. I have not been inside for a few years, although I would only have to press the lift button on the reverse side for entrance where someone would come and help me. I would not be able to get up the many steps at the front door with my walker.

I eventually arrived at the stores and did the necessary.

These are three wisteria bushes which were planted at least 25 years ago. They have a metal frame to climb up and I find it a good idea. They flower nicely once a year and developed very well.

We even have a catalpa tree that is at the moment fully of its hanging bean similar “fruits”. It is not something very common here, but this one does quite well and the cold temperatures and snow of Winter do not seem to have any effect on it. In the background are the houses forming the wall of our town and the West entrance gate can be seen on the left.

I was eventually finished with my shopping and made my way home. There were still very few isolated spots of rain, but nothing drastic and I arrived home dry. I had a few meat items to vacuum and freeze and afterwards had a relaxed rest of the afternoon and evening.

And now to today. It is not very warm for this time of the year and the threat of rain is hanging over our heads, so I will be spending the day at home. My excursions very much depend on the weather as you can get very wet on a scooter. Stay safe everyone, have a good day. I am hoping the clouds will lift from the local Jura mountains.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Yes, I am working late again, but have now finished.
    Those wisteria ‘trees’ are cringe worthy. They do not look so bad for a quarter of a century old. Someone must know how to maintain them, like the hedges and pollarded trees. Otherwise, they accumulate deteriorating old vines that were replaced by new vines years ago.

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  2. I just realised that my washing takes forever to dry (sadly, only inside drying, as it would be far too labour-intensive to heave it all up from the basement to the outside, plus doing the same with the ‘Stewi’)….
    Yes, this is a summer who is not deserving its name. My brand new bathing costume has yet to see the lake 🙂
    I have seen catalpa trees in many places, mostly, to be true, in the French spoken regions like around Lausanne, Montreux, etc. but they also live happily in the Ticino and there are even some doing nicely in Zurich and generally, around lakes. I like them a lot.

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    • I also dry inside, overnight, but it certainly takes longer at the moment, especially the frottee. I don’t do bathing costumes or bikinis now, not such a golden oldie thing. One have one catalpa tree in town and it has been here since I can remember

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    • I once had wisteria but it took over my trellis and we had no light through the windows. When it began to climb up the neighbour’s balcony I cut it back. She was delighted, but I was not. Eventually the gardener removed it for us. They are nice, but can be a little overwhelming.

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