10 thoughts on “FOTD 3rd August 2021: Edelweiss

      • Yes, that was done. The seed were ‘pre-chilled’ and chilled again before getting sown. They germinated, but shriveled soon afterward. I suspect that the medium (potting soil) was too rich for them. They naturally live in rocky scree that falls from the tops of the Alps.

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  1. Maybe you don’t know that Pat, but Edelweiss MUST NOT be picked, anywhere! They are protected goods and have been for – just about forever!. Same thing for the Enzian…. So buy them at the store, please.

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    • If I wanted to I couldn’t. I do not think that I would get up a mountain with my scooter or wheelchair and the walker is out of the question. It is the Migros that sell them here.

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      • I know that you can’t do that now. We however , when we lived in Canada a loooong time ago, got one day a wonderous parcel from elderly friends from Switzerland. It contained, wonder oh wonder, some Enzian and an Edelweiss or two in softly padded once wet tissue, Swiss biscuits and chocolate. I was in such a shock that they did something forbidden for us that I couldn’t even enjoy the generous gesture! 😉

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