RDP #33: Serried

Sunflowers 30.06 (1)

“Great isn’t it”

“What it so great about standing in a field with hundreds, no thousands of others. I was even overcrowded as a seed, jammed side by side, hardly had room to expand. I was lucky to survive and had a strong case of claustrophobic seed syndrome. There were constantly birds pecking away. Half the seed center was a bird canteen, I was lucky to escape with my life.”

“But you are nice and big and yellow, just like the rest of us.”

“That is the problem, I wanted to come out big and important and be the king of the crop and now look at me: just one of many. Aww, that one hurt.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Silly question, looks at those bees, everywhere, and that one stung right in the middle.”

“It seems to be all part of the process, I have got bees as well in the middle.”

“Have you been here before, that you seem to know everything.”

“No, first time for me as well, but something tells me it’s life.”

“When I first arrived everything was fine, like having a flower for the first time, but now the novelty is wearing off, and to be quite honest, I am feeling quite oily around the middle.”

“Funny you should say that, so do I.  So let’s make the most of it. We don’t know how long this thing lasts, we were all seeds once.”

“And now just a row of lookalikes, it seems to be the life of a sunflower, serried to the end.”

RDP #33: Serried