RDP Tuesday: Tassel

A Meal and entertainment in a Bedouin tent

Where am I going to find tasssels: Morocco of course, to be exact Marrakech in a bedouin tent. What was I doing here?

Me dancing with Marrocan Ladies in a Bedouin tent

I was dancing of course with the other Moroccan ladies Ok it was June 1990, so I was 30 years younger and could still move to the rhythm, although Moroccan rhythm is a little different to ours, mostly tambourine shaking and drums and the dancers making strange noises somewhere in their throats (a Moroccan traditional sing song).

We were on a trip with the company where Mr. Swiss worked, all in the name of public relations and the wives were also invited. So there I was in Marrakech for four days with all the trimmings. In the evening we were taken to a large Bedouin tent for a Moroccan meal.

Eating Lamb and Couscous in a Bedouin tent

It was a sheep, or a lamb, and of course we helped ourselves by hand to pick it apart. One of those events you never forget and always like to be reminded of by the photos. No the lamb did not have any tassels, but it was served with couscous. As far as the tassels were concerned, they must have tassel factory in Morocco to produced so many of them.

I am not sure if this Moroccan lady had tassels, but I do not think that Mr. Swiss was looking for tassels at the time.

Marrocan Dancing Girl

RDP Tuesday: Tassel

Good Morning

Morning Mist

And here I am, later than usual, but I was not hugging the bed longer. It was the opposite. I was up and dealing with the usual morning chores. Today is cleaning lady day and I like to be ready before she arrives. She is now busy and whilst she is dealing with my bathroom, shower and kitchen, I got a few windows cleaned. It was a misty morning to begin with, but now the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a good one.


Yesterday began quite well and I was off to the supermarket on a shopping trip in the morning. I noticed that the Spring flowers were now outside on display and decided to treat myself to something a little more colourful for my raised beds. Instead of taking photos for challenges here, I decided to get my own flowers. These dianthus were available.


And I decided they would brighten up the display on my raised beds outside. Apparently they are related to carnations. I did not really know very much about them, so had a look on the computer and it seems they will now be flowering during the summer.


I also treated myself to this ranunculus. I really knew nothing about them, but it seems they are distant relations to the buttercup and also poisonous, although I do not intent to eat them, just look at them. They grow from a corm, like the crocus, and once in the ground  the idea is that they would reappear annually, although I am not sure about that. They are not keen on hot temperatures, but they will be gone by the time we have our summer days.

Otherwise I have decided to alter my Monday morning schedule to shopping in the afternoon. It is becoming too much stress for me to shop in the morning and clean the appartment. It would be easier to buy a little more on Friday to carry me through to Monday  lunchtime and less to organise on the shopping trip on Monday afternoon. Oh, do I have problems which are actually none. I just like to enjoy my life.

Mr. Swiss was mentioned in the local newspaper today. Some time in the seventies a friend of ours in town decided to organise a jazz club in the cellar of a local restaurant and Mr. Swiss joined him with a couple of other jazz friends. It was and still is a success and once a month there are still concerts. In the meanwhile bands have appeared from everywhere, even including the states. Now it is 40 years since the jazz club exists. Of course the young men of then are now golden oldies, but still jazzing. Mr. Swiss no longer participates actively but our background music at home is still modern jazz and bebop with mainstream mixed with it and he still disappears down to our hobby room in the cellar for a practice on his drums now and again.

Today I will definitely be going places in my wheelchair with the camera as it looks like it will be a good one. I am now off to finish lunch for everyone and see you around later. Have a good day. I leave you with a greeting from my garden, the crocus are really developing well this year.