FOWC with Fandango: Post

Crow on a Lamp Post in Feldbrunnen

The biggest posts we have are the lamp posts. The crows and storks have decided that they are ideal places for keeping an eye on things.

The local post office

Otherwise there is a Post Office, at least there used to be. This photo has historical value as I took it almost 10 years ago when we still had a post office in our village. They would deal with our payment slips, selling stamps, and other postal tasks. However, it seemed that we had too many post offices in our country and one after the other they were closed. Of course they began with the smaller areas of population, villages like ours, although we did have almost a thousand people living in our village. And so one day it closed the doors forever and we were told that our neighbouring village would now take over the local post office duties.

It is now in discussion whether the post office in the neighbouring village will continue to exist. A second postoffice has already been closed on the borders of our village. Eventually there will be only the main post office in our local town which means a train journey or by car to organise any postal matters. There is also a post office in the village where our supermarket is, but that will be closing some time this year, which is the bad news. The good news is that this post office will now be shifted to the supermarket building meaning if I need a post office, I can visit it when shopping.

Stork sitting on lampost in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

In the meanwhile the crows and storks are still occupying our posts.

FOWC with Fandango: Post

RDP Tuesday: Haze

Jura 10.11 (6)

It seems that the haze accompanies getting older. I forget names. It is most embarrassing when you meet someone and they say “Hello Mrs.Angloswiss” and even might shake hands as is Swiss greeting custom. Of course I know the person, we worked together, and so I mumble “Hello Mrs. ……….” swallowing the words and hoping it is not noticed because I cannot remember her name.

Mr. Swiss is good at names, he remembers them but his memory is no longer what it was and tends to go on search excursions at home, especially for his walking stick which can be found in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Now the danger is the warmer days where it might be on the porch. I am lucky, I have a stick holder attachhe to my walker.

We compensate each other. One of us is sometimes the mountain that raises its shape out of the mist, and the other is the mist, although we alternate. Yes, that haze is everywhere, but now and again a bright light might shine through.

Clouds 31.10.2018

RDP Tuesday: Haze

Good Morning

SMorning Clouds

I made it. It is cleaning lady day today and the gardener also decided to do his early Spring care to my garden today. The gardener is now finished but the cleaning lady is singing as she works in my bathroom. There were some nice clouds this morning and it looks like it will be a good day.


The Jura mountains from my yard were also showing themselves with their best sunny look, so what could be better.


And my first daffodil is flowering. I had a pot full last year and when they finished I planted them around my buddleia and now one after the other the buds are appearing.

Otherwise it looks like it will be a good day today and I might venture out into the wilds of town this afternoon to see if there is any photographic material around.

Yesterday was quite an eventful afternoon for me, I tanked my car up, although I still had some spare gas for a few days, but I had more time on Monday afternoon. Of course nothing new, I often tanked when I was a daily driver many years ago with my own car, but then Mr. Swiss retired and we only had the one car so he usually tanked. Over the years you now tank with your various credit cards and not money, which was my problem. This was a new experience for me working out how to do it at the tanking station. Of course the instructions are well written on the machine, but if only the sun was not directly shining and I was blinded and could not read it properly. Eventually another customer appeared at the petrol pump opposite mine and at last I could ask him to help me. Now I have a full tank again, and it will probably be another three months until I need to fill it again.

In the meanwhile I discovered that our store have a special card for tanking. I would get my points and the cost would be dealt with by direct debit. I wrote out my application for such a card yesterday online. I am slowly getting back into the old car driving routine and the financial transactions that go with it.

Otherwise back to the kitchen to put the finishing touches to lunch, It is a short morning this morning due to my visitors, and I will leave you with my surviving hyacinth in the garden, I am quite proud of it as I grew it all by myself from one of those little bulbs that form on the big one, After about five years it now produces flowers. At first it was only leaaves.

Hyacinth 23.03.2019

Have a good day everyone, see you around later and have fun.