FOWC with Fandango: Regal

biscuit box
Regal is not my aim because there is no honour
Being on a biscuit tin would mean you are a gonner
Everyone is cheering and waving all the flags
Admittedly you are dressed quite nicely, queens do not wear rags
But now you are a special edition, a biscuit is your sign
Although you wear your pearls to show that you are still in line
And what happens to the crumbs, they will be falling down
Perhaps you can collect them and hide them in the crown
So give a friendly laugh, of course, you are a queen
But please not on a biscuit tin where regal is not seen

FOWC with Fandango: Regal

Good Morning

Morning Sky

This is really this morning’s sky although it looks the same as the one we had yesterday. Our Eberhard (the name of the gale blowing since yesterday) is still around and the wind was blowing through the cracks of the kitchen door when I closed it as I had the window tilted and we did not want to freeze. I never freeze, but others do especially when they stop hugging the bed in the early morning hours. I heard something about daylight saving time across the pond yesterday, so you must all be feeling very tired having an hour’s less sleep. Ours does not arrive until the end of the month. It is not my favourite one of the year because I seem to be searching for the lost hour until Autumn when it arrives again.


I did venture into the garden to see if there was anything new and noticed that the crocus I planted in Autumn when my new raised beds were created, are growing and buds are appearing.  I think they are waiting a while before they open as our temperatures are not exactly encouraging them at the moment. Yesterday afternoon I was a little annoyed with the weather.

Afternoon Sun

About 3.30 p.m. the sun arrived and pushed the clouds to one side. My time is an hour earlier if I want to go places. It is then warm enough to take a wheelie. 3.30 is too late as it already begins to get colder and I would only arrive home at 5.00 p.m. which is too late for my daily adventures on the computer at home. All I could do was to watch the spectacle from the window and wish I was out taking some photos. Perhaps the sun might arrive this afternoon, although our meteorologists mentioned snow for today, but I do not think so here. It will be more around the alpine places down south – I hope.

Today is the monthly market in our local town. I missed the last two due to bad weather and other things to do, but if I can manage it and the weather decides to behave, I might just go this afternoon. First of all I have a morning of shopping. I have postponed shopping trips now to the afternoon, with the exception of Monday so I should get a move on with my ditherings on the computer.

I have started my new book “Dreadful Company” by Vivian Shaw, so back to fantasy. It is the second book in the Dr. Greta Helsing row, the daughter of Van Helsing  of the Dracula book. Vampires do not seem to be as bad as we are lead to believe. She looks after their medical problems (as well as supplying mummies with new bones and dealing with other supernatural medical problems) and it can be quite amusing. Of course there are still some dangerous undead around, but she helps to deal with it otherwise there would be no story to tell.

I have been busy this morning and have already baked my plat bread whilst eating breakfast. I had a good breakfast of bread and honey with a cup of tea and will now make my way to the shower. A woman’s work is never done, and I want to be on my way to the store between 10 and 11 after cleaning the place up.

So let’s get on with it. My long time blogging friend, Marilyn, celebrates her 72nd birthday today – she has at last caught up with me, so I hope she is having a good day. It is wonderful to meet people in the blogging world and have the privilege of calling them friend. It all began with a few likes and comments, and now we realise we are a form of soul mates, although we come from two different parts of the world and have entirely different backgrounds. Lately we discovered that her mother resembled my mother as a young lady. So here is a virtual rose for Marilyn as I cannot present it to her personally unfortunately.


So I am on my way. Have a good day and enjoy it as much as possible-