FOWC with Fandango: Order


My desk is neat
Am I not feeling well?
No this is my new system
No longer the state of hell
I used to be chaotic,
making piles everywhere
I always found everything
It was my private lair
Now these days are gone
Mr. Swiss is astonished
No longer need help
No warning to be admonished
It is all very easy
The computer makes it less
But please do not enter it
Because there is a mess
Each programme has a password
But now I have to fret
I wrote them on a memory stick
Where it is I did forget
It was probably trashed
When I was tidying up
I knew I had forgotten
to establish a back up

FOWC with Fandango: Order

RDP Saturday: Rus in urbe

Et orbi et orbi – oh sorry I got my latin mixed up, so let’s stay at home and not wander off to Rome.

Glacial erratic in Feldbrunnen

So who put the stone here?
And what came first the stone or nature
The glaciers say it was all their own work
They pushed the stone on and on
It came to rest at the foot of the mountains
Glaciers had fulfilled their task
We now wonder why
And so the stone rested and submerged
It became one with the earth
Part of the scenery
Nature said no way
A tree spread its seeds
There was a battle
Who won?
The stone was here first
Nature came afterwards
They now rest together
Part of the scenery

RDP Saturday: Rus in urbe

Good Morning

Morning Sky

It is not raining, there is no trace of snow, and we have some blue in the sky. Perhaps it will be possible to revert to a good day where I can go places and see things (with the camera of course). It must be the first time I have seen patches of blue in the sky since more than a week and now we even have a little sunshine. What could possibly be better.

Saturday in a morning of rest for me. There is nothing special on the timetable and everything under control. I even managed to iron my new bed linen yesterday morning, so that is out of the way for the time being.


I even bought myself a new rosemary plant yesterday in the supermarket. This is the one I already had, not exactly a bush, more a bonsai. It served its purpose but not exactly full of promise.


This is the new one which is still a baby, but I am sure it will grow and spread. I am planning on pork chops for dinner and that will add some flavour.

At the moment this Spring thing is slowly convincing me that I should get myself organised. I am now cobweb free at home and yesterday attacked the top of the cuboard in my office and removed the two cat cushions which had enough fur on them from the cat to make a coat. Having cleaned them up there is no Spring cleaning left. I do not really believe in Spring cleaning and prefer to do it daily.

Morning Sky 2

And since I began writing this the sky has changed to this, some good clouds and more blue. What a pick-me-up for the day.

And now to the work: not really work, just a housewife hobby. I had to order my MS medicine yesterday as I do every 3 months and it will be delivered next week. We have a good system. There is a lady that I can just call and she organises the rest and also deals with any questions I might have. It is all syringe units and I have been injecting now since three years every second day, so have become quite a professional.

Lent and Christrose through the tree

My garden is now growing and along with the plants, some weedy stuff that I will have to remove, although I will probably call the gardener some time next week.

I am now off to deal with life and trust you are having a good day wherever you are. Keep safe and well.