FOWC with Fandango: Occur


It just occurred to me that I left the hose outside in Winter in the cold and freezing temperatures. This might mean that if there is water still in the tube it would freeze, expand and might cause damage and that I would have to get a new hose. As the water is now switched off throughout the Winter I cannot try it out to see if it is still working.

And then it occurred to me what  boring life I lead, if the only important occurrence in my life is the condition of my garden hose, although I do have another hose on the other side of my apartment in the same condition which also might now be kaput

Otherwise there are no special occurrences at the moment. It is Sunday early evening and I hope that we have nothing more occurring today. Being a golden oldie I like a quiet life with no unexpected occurrences, but you never know. It just occurred to me that it is time for the evening meal. As it is Sunday evening it will be choisi de frigidaire, in other words, see what you find in the fridge.

Yes, life is one big occurrence.

FOWC with Fandango: Occur

RDP Sunday: Tune

Afternoon Sun

Listen to the tune of the wind
It is playing in the trees
An ouverture with nature
Swaying rhythm of  branches

Breezes playing on the twigs
Boughs bending with the beat
Leaves dislodged and tinkling down
Gentle regular movement

A scathing force of bending branches
Pushing against wind gusts
Building a crescendo of noise
The first movement is playing

Breathless, captivating
A soft lull in between
Collecting energy for the finale
An explosion of movement

And then all is peaceful
A pregnant murmur
Perhaps warning of a new release
The tune is never finished

The wind has continued the journey
There are other tunes to play
Sometimes with waves of water
Or gathering snow flurries

Now is silence
The musicians are resting
Taking a pause to collect breathe
Feel a soft breeze on your cheek

RDP Sunday: Tune

Good Morning

spMorning stormy sky

Typical pre-Spring weather: one day sun and the next 2-3 days rain and clouds and there is a cold wind blowing. The weather report was not so favourable yesterday and the altitudes are dropping for snowfall, so it might be that we will have some tomorrow, perhaps even today. Today does not bother me but I am not keen to go shopping through snow tomorrow morning. However, perhaps we are lucky and it will miss us. At the moment I can hear the wind blowing through the nearby trees.

I am now homebound so make the most of what happens around me, which is not very much.

Crocus and Helleborus Niger

I saw some brave crocus in my garden and even my Christmas rose is still flowering.

My morning photos are all done with my X iPhone, so that are quite fresh from the morning. Just imagine me standing outside in my nightdress with a gale force wind surrounding me taking photos. I must really be a dedicated photographer. I must say the quality of the iPhone X photos is not too bad, although when I magnify them that are not as sharp and clear as I would like them.

I notice there is a guy on Facebook advertising how to make perfect photos with your iPhone camera. It should have the latest update, which mine always has, and there is a so-called live setting which enables photos that capture the various movements on a subject, like my cat yawning perhaps, or water running and giving it that fluffly appearance with a slow exposure. I had already discovered how to do this myself, but it is always good to collect more information. I noticed this guy only gives you bits and pieces and says of the untold possibilities of the iPhone camera. Evetually you get the link with more instructions and then there is the part where he wants to sell his knowledge and that is where I move on. It is not cheap approaching $100 and I have already discovered most of the possibilities myself.


Even my neighbour has flowering daffodils in her garden. Mine are still thinking about it. This was also taken with my mobile phone, but I had to spruce it up a bit with the contrast and clarity.

And now to plan my day. When I am washed and ready to face the world after my shower, I will do a little tidying in the apartment and at some time begin to cook a Sunday lunch. I would love to get out and take some photos with my camera, but it is too cold and windy and wet for a wheelie in my chair. Even the bird house is empty and I should really fill it with some food. I stopped when the weather improved, because they can find their own food then, but now it is really unfriendly and they are sitting in the tree opposite waiting for some action.

I will also now get into some action and trust you are all keeping well. If not it can only get better. Otherwise those over the pond sleep well.

Raindrops 09.03.2019