FOWC with Fandango: Radar


This is Hubble, a space telescope, once launched in 1990 and still up there watching what is developing in our cosmos. He will probably still be there when I am no longer. I took the photo from an app I have called SkyView where you can see all the various objects floating above. All those little white dots in the background mean something: perhaps just stars, but many are space trash. Rocket remainders floating around. Do not forget, every time a rocket is launched part of it breaks off as is no longer needed for the transport and joins the space junkyard. You would be surprised what is revolving over our heads. Of course there are also planets and moons, but they are the big ones and not man made. No wonder you need radar when travelling even the rockets have to avoid the obstacles on their route.

FOWC with Fandango: Radar

RDP Wednesday: Abandon

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (1)

It used to be full of life
And now just the spiders and the bugs
The flies no longer visit
They have better things to do
than hanging around
packed in a web ready for lunch
Suspended in a corner a spider looks down
Observes the creeping bugs
The bugs look up at the spider
Disappear in a crack in the floorboards
Outside it is green
Plants that no-one would want in their garden
Officially forbidden to enter with a sign
There used to be people here
The noise of machinery
Now abandoned
The spiders and bugs continue with their daily life
saying good morning and good night to each other

RDP Wednesday: Abandon

Good Morning

Clouds 19.03 (1)

Sunny days at the moment I went for a wheelie into town yesterday and was rewarded with great views of the Jura and blue skies above. The raised part of the Jura on the left is the highest point in our Kanton of Solothurn, known as the Hasenmatt (rabbit meadow roughly translated). And yes I have been up there many years ago when I was still single and fancy free. I could do it then, but I would no longer the .conquer the steep slopes today.

Stork 19.03 (11)

I wanted to see what my storks were doing and this time I was lucky. There was a little action in the nest and one stork was preening herself. Thanks to the new lens I got I can now get more detailed photos. I wonder if it will be the same pair of storks as last year. Actually it seems to me that the birds are nesting quite intensively.

Crows Nesting 19.03 (6)

As I walked along the quay along the river in town I heard a crow chorus and when I looked up into the trees I noticed that they are also busy with nesting. We have a colony where I live, but I had never seen the nests. They deposit their twigs in the branches of the trees and you can see the crow families everywhere. The are probably now at the egg stage, but it will not be long before the patter of tiny wings arrives.

Crows Nesting 19.03 (12)

They seeemed to be everywhere and have taken over the trees. Some people are not so keen about the crow nesting season especially if you happen to be taking an innocent walk and get pelted with their recycled food deposits.

Magnolia Buds 19.03 (1)

Actually one of the purposes of my wheelie in my chair was to capture the magnolia buds. They are not yet open. We have many trees in the museum park in town and now the buds are thinking about opening. I will definitely be back for the big show in a week or two.

Circus Camels 19.03 (1)

The things you see in a Swiss market town. Yes, the circus Royal is making their annual visit and yesterday they were busy building the tent and a few animals were waiting impatiently. There was a complete tent full of camels and what also amazed me were the lion cages. Unfortunately no pictures as they were behind strong bars and pacing up and down and it was all in the shade. I am not a circus person and find the animals belong in their deserts and jungles, but from a photo point of view you capture some unusual subjects, Naturally I will be paying another visit over the week-end. These were the bactrian camels with two humps which I do not often see.

It was a pleasant afternoon, although still a cold wind blowing. However in the sun it was warm. I wheeled through the cemetery and noticed that the gardeners are now planting their flowers on the various graves. It was a good opporunity to take some photos for me. The pansies were still grouped together in their crates.

Pansies 19.03 (2)

With this floral greeting from the local burial grounds I am now on my way on an expedition though the apartment, this time by vacuum cleaner with a little support  from a stick and walker. This afternoon it will be off to the store again for a shopping trip. I do not mind these excursions: an opportunity to get on the road again and see people and things in the supermarket. What an  existence with my daily highlights.

Make the most of the day and have fun, or sleep well whatever the case may be.