FOWC with Fandango: Delirious

Image 19.08.15 at 19.24

Delirious is a bit of a strong word for me, but I do like to take photos of anything and anywhere. There are no holds barred. In the distant days when I could walk unaided, I would have the camera hanging somewhere on my body. As time progressed I had a walking stick in one hand but the camera was still hanging crosswise on my body. Then it got a little difficult if I took a photo.

I would have to hang the stick on a bush and balance with the camera. I developed a one handed holding position and it more or less worked. I only fell once, no-one could pick me up and so they had to call a taxi to take me to the hospital for a check. That was the trigger to many examinations with the results that I had MS.

Anyhow to continue, I did continue. now an electric wheelchair replaced the stick for longer walks – with the camera, but it was no longer a walk. It was ideal. I could pack the heavy camera with lens in a bag and place it in the wheelchair. I was now the travelling photographer.

If the weather is good, I am on my way. Today I was wheeling around with the camera. Another 70 photos. That is not  being delirious, that is a hobby- Nothing more boring than going for walks, or now wheelies, without a camera.

FOWC with Fandango: Delirious

RDP Saturday: Tracery

Walthem Abbey, England

Waltham Abbey 15.07 (1)

Tracery, the bits and pieces
Outlines, decorating windows
Presenting a majestic appearance
Tracking traces of wonder to the eye
Making more than just a window
Leaving an impression never to be forgotten
What did the builder intend?
Did he decide to chisel memories to last forever
Coughing away the brick dust
Coming home after the daily work was done
Brushing the dust from his apron
His wife washing the floor covered with white powder
Just a job like any other
To feed the family
He was not the architect designing with paper and ink
Brick dust under the fingernails
Rough skin on his hands
Leaving a mark to last forever
A building that will still be honoured centuries later
But he was just a worker

RDP Saturday: Tracery

Good Morning

Morning Sun

It’s a wonderful Spring morning again and I am hoping to be able to make the most of it. My “me” time is now less since Mr. Swiss can no longer manage so well and there is less spare time to indulge in photography on the the way to the store from the car or taking photos at various opportunities at home. However where there is a will there is a way and today is Saturday, meaning my afternoon is mine.

I dealt with the week-end shopping for food yesterday in the supermarket. I had five bags full of food and one wheeler to transport it. Being a housewife and having 50 years training even that was possible to move it from the underground garage to the apartment. I have only room for three bags, but with clever repacking in the garage I fitted everything into the three bags and could shift it into the apartment in one haul. I like to spread it into more bags in the store as it makes it easier to fit it into the car boot.

I am also becoming an expert at using my special point coupons in the store. Perhaps an advantage of shopping alone without Mr. Swiss and having more time for such details.  For everything I buy I get points and at the end of the month I get money coupons to exchange at the store, known as “Cumulus points”.  I also have an app on my iPad/phone and now use it more, meaning I am really making a profit on the systen, I usually average about 60-70 Swiss francs a shopping month, and already have 110 for this month. Doing it manually at the cash desk I often lose or forget to exchange vouchers. Now I do it all online with more success. Sometimes there are special offers for certain food. I only bother with the food that I want, but they often come together and then you can also get up to 40x points for certain articles. Oh the hobbies of a golden oldie not having anything better to do probably.

I am also learning to avoid certain roads when going to the supermarket. At the moment they are relaying one of the road sections, meaning complicated one way traffic and driving partially on the sidewalk directed by the workers. I have now decided to avoid that part of the journey and choose another road which is less complicated. I have discovered driving regularly again is all learning by doing.


The day begins with my breakfast and the computer, a regular system for many years. Since our gardener gave us a pot on honey from a local producer as a Christmas gift, I am now into honey for my breakfast slice with my normal cup of tea, straight no sugar or milk. I am diabetic so avoid sugar, although I know, honey is more or less pure sugar. I have to have a little excitement in my life now and again. In the background you can see my indoor plants which are not many. I had to shift them all into the kitchen for more light as Mr. Swiss tends to close the curtains during the day when there is full sun on the windows and my plants object (and so do I). My poinsettia is still doing well and the Chrisstmas cactus are still alive. It makes a little bit of greenery in the kitchen.


I noticed my baby hyacinths appeared this year in the garden. They are babies because the original bulb is no longer and these developed from the little bulbs that grow on the big bulb. They fell into the gareden and the first few years were only leaves, but now they produce flowers on their own, although small. I love garden experiments.

And now to continue with my Saturday chores. Mr. Swiss wished for a meat loaf for lunch today, so I have a little creative work in the kitchen.. I also have a few bits and pieces in the apartment to do and I might do a little weeding in the garden for 5-10 minutes, time permitting.  Oh the stress of a golden oldie.

See you around later and hope to go for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon to the local stables and visit the ducks and chickens.

Have a good week-end everyone, enjoy. I leave you with a Spring greeting from the supermarket. At least I can take some photos when shopping.