RDP Thursday: Temperature

Clouds 05.03 (3)

“Close the window.”

“Which one?”

“You mean you opened more than one.”

“I just wanted some fresh air.”

“That is not air, that is a constant draught. The kitchen window is open.”

“Of course, I like the air to circulate in the kitchen. What are you doing?”

“Closing the back window. I am freezing and it is only 2°C outside.”

“But we are inside and it is warm enough.”

“It is cold inside.”

“I don’t feel cold at all but really comfortable.”

And so we have this conversation daily in the morning. I am usually the first to rise in the morning and begin with my window opening festival in the back rooms followed by the front rooms. The problem is I do not really feel the cold and base all temperature experiences on my own body temperature. Unfortunately I seem to have a built in body central heating which those that will not be mentioned do not have and so the constant opening and closing of windows begins. I live in short sleeved t-shirts all year and bare feet in my house shoes. The other one is always wearing socks (at least in Winter) and long sleeves.

You would think that summer would be ideal for both of us, but no. I can sit outside in the shade and feel comfortable. It seems that the Swiss solution to the summer heat is to close all the blinds and windows to keep it cool enough indoors. My fresh air is then in danger so I live outside.

And so now and again we meet on neutral territory during the day where a window is closed and there are no draughts which I qualify as fresh air.

As someone once said “You can be like a thermometer, just reflecting the world around you. Or you can be a thermostat, one of those people who sets the temperature” and I am the thermostat it seems.

RDP Thursday: Temperature

Good Morning

Rainy Morning

Not exactly a bright and shiny day: clouds everywhere, the grey heavy sort and yes, it is raining. Looks like it will be a day at home today. My first task this morning was to remove the duvet and cushion covers from the bed. This time it was complicated. We have those duvets in two parts for summer and winter, although we keep them together throughout the year. They are two duvets clipped together with press studs and this time they decided to lead separate lives under the cover. I had the work of joining them again after I removed the cover.

Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed, so I will have the pleasure of his later. I have a narrow time table with all this bed linen changing but all going well it will be done in time for me to begin cooking. Last time there was a small drama as it took longer as I lost touch with my timing. However, I now set my timer on my phone to remind me when it is 11,.00 am. Sounds silly doesn’t it. I am now a golden oldie, no important appointments, except perhaps for a doctor, but I am still working to a time table.  I just like to have my me time in between, although if the rain continues today I will not be going places.

Alps 05.03 (8)

Today the alps will be shrouded in mist but they are always there. As I drove home from the supermarket yesterday afternoon they were again spread out before me as clear as anything. Unfortunately my days of taking photos from the car are now gone, as you cannot drive and use the camera. Life’s routines are continuously changing. I used to go with Mr. Swiss shopping in the morning three times a week, He can no longer and so I do it on my own, but had to postpone it to the afternoon as morning cleaning and shopping do not go together.

One advantage of shopping in the afternoon is that there is no stress in the store. There are not so many customers and enough space to find stuff. Even the bread is fresh in the afternoon. I was having a look at the choice, wanting one of those lovely soft fresh breads typical of the Italian part of Switzerland and the guy walked over from the baking section (they do it in the store regularly) with a fresh batch. I asked if they were ready and he gave me one piping hot fresh from the oven. What could be better?

Bakers supermarket

I did a green pea soup with fresh ham pieces in it yesterday evening, so everyone was more or less happy. No. 1 son was at home yesterday evening and decided he would not go to the burning of the carnival dummy in the main square of town. Our carnival is now over and done with for another year. I hated the carnival when I was younger. The kids wanted to go and I had to go with them to keep an eye on things. Mr. Swiss went a couple of times at night (until the early morning hours) with the company where he worked and  I was left at home on my own in the evening being glad when it was over.

Today I am the one that goes into town during the day with my camera to take a few carnival photos. Mr. Swiss no longer has any interest in the whole show and in the evening we are always at home. Funny how life can change when you get older.

And now to carry on with the bed linen changing and the other normal daily routine. There will be no excursions today in this cold, wet unfriendly weather, although I noticed that the Japanese cherry blossoms in the local cemetery have begun to show some colour. Yes, Spring is on its way and with this good news I will leave you to your daily shores and trust it will be a good one.

Cherry blossom buds 05.03 (1)