FOWC with Fandango: WiFi

Weissensteinstrasse 16.07 (2)

The WiFi isn’t working
The router lost the way
Wavelengths are confused
Everything is grey
There must be a solution
We must find out the truth
And now the case is very clear
WiFi loves his bluetooth
They have disappeared
In their very own hotspot
Now WLAN is jealous
Signals in a knot
Connections need some blimps
to reconnect WiFi
But bluetooth is so sad and lonely
She is heading for the sky
The programmer now has a problem
and is searching for a bug
Wifi and Bluetooth are wire in wire
and so they pull the plug
The moral to this story
is now quite plain to see
Always be a step ahead
and never trust technology

FOWC with Fandango: WiFi

RDP Wednesday: Delate

River Thames looking North, London

Did I delate London 50 years ago?
I came to Switzerland not to dalate
But to discover
although dalation happened
I have no longer a British passport
It is too old and too complicated to renew
They say you can take a girl out of London
You cannot take London out of a girl
But you can, it happened to me
I speak English
But no longer so perfect
I cook English
But no longer so perfect
I have family in England
But no longer so many
I have friends in England
They grow older as I do
I have not denounced England
It is on my documents, born British
20 years in London
52 years in Switzerland
Judge for yourself

RDP Wednesday: Dalate

Good Morning

Morning Sky

As I took this photo I did feel a spot of rain, so who knows what will develop. There is also still an icy cold wind blowing, but it is yet early in the morning. I did hear the wind some time in the night, it is not yet Spring although yesterday I took a wheelie into town withe my chair and the sun accompanied me.

Jura 12.03 (2)

I was glad to get out and was greeted by a view over the Jura at the part they call Balmfluköpfli in our area. Mr. Swiss tells me the names as he grew up in a small village on the slopes of the Jura and knew all the peaks and hills, although naturally Swiss German orientated.

St. Urs 12.03 (1)

I arrived in town where the St. Urs cathedral greets me as first building. I have taken many photos of this cathedral, but according to the angle you take, it always looks a little different. There were only a few people wandering the streets. Town visits are no longer as they used to be. Before the days of online shopping it would be quite crowded with housewives. Today it mainly consists of cafés, hairdressers and other service shops. Even the drug stores as closing one by one. We have one large department store, but there is always enough room to move in it.

Amazon is not so big in Switzerland for online sales, but there are plenty of other opportunities. We need a new set of bed linen and I was really not keen in spending time in the store and probably not finding anything suitable and so we had a look online. We found a link that specialises in bed linen in Switzerland with a large choice. They even have Pasetti which is a very exclusive Italian brand, but twice as expensive as the rest. Eventually we found something ideal in price and design. Not only can you order it, but there is always a trace and trace to see when it leaves the company and where it is on the way. I can understand people no longer going through the exhaustions of buying in shops. For such items it is so much easier to do it all from your own living room with a few computer clicks – modern times.

Crane 12.03 (1)

I noticed this guy perched up high on a crane doing something to the roof of one of the town buildings. He was probably cleaning the drain of leaves. There seeemed to be a general spring cleaning operation going on everywhere: benches were being replaced for sitting a leisure in town and our two roasted chestnut huts have now disappeared until next Autumn. As soon as our carnival is over it seems that everything is ready for a clean up. The stores are now filing up with Easter bunnies and eggs although that is in a month, As long as the turnover increases in the stores, that is the main thing.

Ducks 12.03 (9)

I wheeled on home along the banks of the River Aare. Duck life seems to be changing again. The swans and mallard ducks are always there, but I spotted a group of these ducks that seem to have red beaks. Once again my knowledge of duck life is exhausted and I really do not know what they are.

This afternoon no time for tourist trips as I am shopping. Mr. Swiss said something about coming with me, but I will wait and see. Have a good day everyone and see you around some time later.

Aare 12.03.2019 (2)