FOWC with Fandango: Release

Alps 16.03 (2)

I saw an interesting report today. Due to the global warming it seems that Mount Everest snow is melting and releasing the lost climbers that disappeared in the ice many years ago. It seems that if you now want to climb the mountain you must be careful where you walk, too many skeletons in the way.

Even our Swiss alps are melting. We often spent our summer holidays in Grindelwald when the kids were smaller. One of the interesting places to visit were the glaciers: frozen masses of ice and a tunnel that you could walk through. This is slowly becoming non-existent as they are melting quickly. Up to now no human remains have appeared, but who knows.

Another aspect of this global warming is that there is a fear that various virus may appear in the heights that had been frozen in the permanent ice and could cause infections to climbers that no-one would know how to cure, because these germs disappeared a few thousand years ago.

Luckily our Jura mountains behind our village have no permanent ice and snow, and all that was found up to now were dinosaur footprints. The only objects getting released here is the garbage that the hikers leave behind after eating their packed lunches, such as plastic bags and bottles. There will be no bodies released in our local mountains, just a few hamburger and sausage remains.

FOWC with Fandango: Release

RDP Wednesday: Thief

Tree 23.02 (1)

Someone stole the leaves from the trees, but they will be replaced in a couple of weeks time. Mr. Swiss told me that one of our politicians had an idea. He finds that the golden oldies get too much pension money. We are taking it away from the youngsters who have to pay more for other benefits, because of the money being given to the golden oldies. When someone gets an idea in Switzerland you can collect enough signatures, make it official and everyone goes to vote yes or no. Of course no-one votes to have less money, except for those that find it will be a good idea, Mr. Swiss said not to worry, it will be a long time before anything happens.

Today we went on a shopping trip together because Mr. Swiss needed ink cartridges for our Canon printer and was sure that I would not be unable to cope with such an important task. Admittedly I was glad he did it as it could have been that I had bought the wrong ones. Yes it was not just one cartridge but a complete collection. I was astonished to see what they cost. Almost 100 Swiss francs for 4 plastic cases containing ink. That is robbery for me.

Whilst he was busy buying his ink I did the shopping and noticed that strawberries were on offer for only 1.60 Swiss Francs, a plastic box full and really big ones. I decided to get a box to make as a dessert after tea with some whipped cream. There was a young man and probably his father that were also looking at the strawberries.

“I only buy Swiss strawberries” said the son.

The father “but these are very reasonable.”

“I like to take care of our environment” said son.

And then I opened my big mouth and told the son that Swiss strawberries will only be arriving in two months time and in the meanwhile I buy gladly for 1.60 Swiss francs, even if they are not Swiss.

The son probably thought I was a meddling golden oldie although the father figure found that I was right and was still holding a plastic box. The son walked off and the father replaced his strawberries. I had now decided to buy some. They were Spanish import, not Swiss of course.


My strawberries are now soaking in sugar. Was I thieving from the Swiss strawberry producers? I do not think so, because when they eventually arrive on the market they will cost a lot more than 1.60 Swiss francs.

Just a normal day in the supermarket. We were robbed paying for expensive ink for the printer but I robbed the Swiss strawberry growers by buying cheap strawberries from Spain. There must be a moral somewhere, but I have not yet found it.

RDP Wednesday: Thief

Good Morning

Jura 26.03 (2)

A morning greeting from the Jura mountains in my back yard from yesterday afternoon when I set off on a wheelie. It is the view from the street next to our estate. This morning we have plain blue skies and plenty of sunshine, but it’s a cold morning and needs time to warm up.

Horses 26.03.2019 (2)

I decided to wheel into town in my chair and noticed that the farm next door had all the horses grazing on the meadow. This meadow is actually behind the fence separating the local railway tracks as I wheel long, but there are some spaces in the fencing where I manage to get a photo of horse life. Behind the trees it slopes down to the river Aar and when I wheel back I see the meadow from the other side with more horses.

Horses 26.03 (5)

I eventually arrived into town. I now like to wheel along the outside path in the museum garden. I am keeping an eye on the magnolia trees and at last they are showing the shape of things to come, the buds are slowly opening.

Magnolia 26.03 (3)

Next week I am sure they will be showing themselves from their best side.

Town is a little boring at the moment as there is nothing happening. The circus visit has come and gone, but now a new tent is being erected. I saw a poster announcing the Fledermaus Symphony Concert by the Munich Symphony Orchestra so the tent is probably for the concert. I would love to go, but it is difficult in the evening for me. I would have to park the car somewhere and would have difficulty getting seated.

Pigeons 26.03 (3)

There were some kids feeding the pigeons in town and the pigeons were really making the most of the feast. Generally they fly off when I  approach, but not when there is free grub to be had.

Crows 26.03 (10)

The crows have taken over the trees along the banks of the river in town and are full of their nests. There will soon be the sound of squeaky caws and the patter of tiny crows feet. Our town is slowly awakening to the spring atmosphere and I am glad. I do not mind the Winter, but everything is now so fresh and green.

This afternoon there will be an excursion to the store and Mr. Swiss mentioned he will come with me. Our computer printer needs a new supply of ink cartridges which is apparently a too difficult task for me to buy, so he wants to deal with it himself. I only really need black ink for my lists of passwords. He is continuously printing stuff. He also had a problem with our TV. The guy we had closed his shop and now Mr. Swiss has found a new place. I do not bother with the TV, do not understand the intricate details of DVD and otherwise: just let me watch “Eastenders” on the BBC and I am happy. Mr. Swiss likes to watch his films. The guy arrived and sorted the various problems which were actually none. He confirmed that our TV was working perfectly. Sometimes golden oldies get a bit muddled especially when you have your own complicated system to understand. Now everyone is happy and we have a good company that will deal with any future problems.

Otherwise life goes on as usual. I have a bit of tidying up to do, not very much. It will be a nice quiet normal day and I have a shopping list to complete.

Have a good day everyone, be kind to your computers and remember they do not like bread crumbs on the keyboard which often happens to me when I eat breakfast in the morning. Of course I had a look in town for any new arrivals in the flower beds and was not disappointed. It is all so fresh and green and growing at the moment: the best time of the year.

Daffodils 26.03.2019