RDP Tuesday: Tassel

A Meal and entertainment in a Bedouin tent

Where am I going to find tasssels: Morocco of course, to be exact Marrakech in a bedouin tent. What was I doing here?

Me dancing with Marrocan Ladies in a Bedouin tent

I was dancing of course with the other Moroccan ladies Ok it was June 1990, so I was 30 years younger and could still move to the rhythm, although Moroccan rhythm is a little different to ours, mostly tambourine shaking and drums and the dancers making strange noises somewhere in their throats (a Moroccan traditional sing song).

We were on a trip with the company where Mr. Swiss worked, all in the name of public relations and the wives were also invited. So there I was in Marrakech for four days with all the trimmings. In the evening we were taken to a large Bedouin tent for a Moroccan meal.

Eating Lamb and Couscous in a Bedouin tent

It was a sheep, or a lamb, and of course we helped ourselves by hand to pick it apart. One of those events you never forget and always like to be reminded of by the photos. No the lamb did not have any tassels, but it was served with couscous.ย As far as the tassels were concerned, they must have tassel factory in Morocco to produced so many of them.

I am not sure if this Moroccan lady had tassels, but I do not think that Mr. Swiss was looking for tassels at the time.

Marrocan Dancing Girl

RDP Tuesday: Tassel

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