FOWC with Fandango: Makeshift

When our block was being renovated two years ago I really learned the meaning of makeshift. You had to make the most of what you had.

The porch outside became almost non existent. We had a nice large table to seat 4-5 people for meals. We were told all furniture should be removed from outside, although we discovered that our collapsable table seating two was OK, although through the Summer there was no longer a chance to enjoy meals in the fresh air.

Temporary back garden

On the other hand you have to learn to make the most of what you have.

Plants on the scaffolding 13.08.2017

Our view of the garden was impaired by having scaffolding surround the building. However even scaffolding had its purpose. When the builders were not balancing on the scaffolding I found it quite useful for my potted plants and herbs.

I was used to a makeshift way of life from my London days. Mum never bought anything new if she could adapt it from what we had. I remember I was once on a visit and needed some cotton wool. The nice soft balls you use for perhaps an injury. I asked mum if she had any, knowing that it was not anything she would ever buy when a handkerchief or toilet paper would do but she produced a small ball of cotton wool. I was suspicious and had a closer look. It was not soft and fluffy but a little on the harder side. When I asked where she had it from. she told me it was inside a bottle of tablets. It was the material they used to keep the tablets dry. That was mum, where there was a will there was a way. She was from the older generation. When you survive two world wars you learn what makeshift is.

FOWC with Fandango: Makeshift

RDP Monday: Bold

Glass and metal for recycling

It is not the boldness of it, it is doing the job. I someone had told me a year ago that I would be the only person in the family now driving a car, I would have had a shock. Driving a car was more a duty than a necessity for me. Today the world looks different. Just driving the car is only a part of the deal. What about the duties that come with the job.

“I think you should take the glass and metal to the recycling dump. It is piling up.”

“No problem” said I. Of course it is no problem, someone has to do it. It never used to be me, but just one of my new chores. I go with No. 1 son as he knows the routine.

Recycling depot with Patrick

So we both climb into the car and I drive off to the depot. It is not far, just around the corner. The two bags of unwanted material were stowed away in the car boot. When I arrive I stay in the car and No. 1 son take the bags and empties them in the correct place. It was a ten minute job and afterwards we drove home again. Just a new job that came with the car and at the beginning I did not even know the exact route.

I have also been booked for a trip to Mr. Swiss doc this week. Today I went shopping to the store, in the car of course. This has now become part of daily life. Me that never really enjoyed driving and prefer to sit in the seat next to the driver taking photos.

Otherwise I am on my way in my wheelchair to go places and see things. Even that needed some overcoming. My first trip in the chair was just around the village. Could I do it, up and down kerbstones? I progressed to a trip along the river bank and the local castle and I survived. It was all new to me handling this new method of transport. A visit to town was pushed on one side and it was almost a year of having the chair before I dared to do it.

Baselstrasse 02.07 (7)

This was the part of the journey that gave me food for thought. The church jutted out on the pavement and I was sure my chair did not have enough room to circle around it. Silly me, on my first venture to overcome the obstacle I realised that it looked more difficult than it was and there was plenty of space. Afterwards there was no stopping me and my excursions to town became weekly, visiting all the various events that occurred in town. I even became a regular visitor to the annual trade fair, not to mention the “cheese days” where there were cows on one of the town squares competing for various honours. I was circling amongst them and taking photos everywhere.

I now even read the town programme to see what the next event will be. My next project is perhaps to get one of those transport vehicles for the handicapped. It is a sort of scooter with four wheels and you are even allowed to drive it on the road. It is very similar to the wheelchair in operation, but has a steering wheel instead of a knob. Actually Mr. Swiss was thinking of getting one, but is not absolutely certain. When I began to look at the details I realised it would be just what I needed: especially as a new supermarket is being planned on my way to town which would be ideal for shopping with such a vehicle for the odd bits and pieces.

I just like to make the most of what I have. Of course to have a look at this special vehicle I would have to drive to the place where they have them: that would be yet another new venture, such a long road trip I have not made on my own for some time, although it is only about 20 minutes by road. I seem to be getting bolder as I am getting older.

RDP Monday: Bold

Good Morning

Morning Sky

According to the forecast this week will be Spring weather. According to me I can believe it after seeing this morning’s sky although yesterday morning was similar and it developed into grey clouds followed by rain. It can now only get better. I decided not to go anywhere yesterday and stayed at home in the afternoon and baked a Swiss apple flan and now the apples have all be used from my tree’s last year harvest. Apart from the few that were captured by a few worms and other undefinable insects. It was a super harvest with at least 200 apples. At the moment the apple tree is still sleeping but I am sure it will not be long before the first leaves and buds appear.


My raised beds are gradually doing something. One is full of herbs which are growing nicely and the other one in the photo is more for decoration. I planted the crocus last Autumn and now they are growing nicely. Eventually they will disappear into the earth and I am hoping they will return again next year.


I even managed a close-up of one of the crocus. Nothing special but i found not too bad for a mobile phone camera. I mentioned before there is a guy that has a course for mobile phone photos and daily he has an except from his teachings in Facebook. It would cost around $100 dollars for the complete course, but the bits and pieces he gives away are enough for my purpose.  It all depends of course if you have one of the newest developments on the mobile phone cameras. I have an iPhone X which has it all.  I like the “burst” photos where you take about 10 photos continuously. They run like a film afterwards and you can pick the photos you want, or you can keep all of them.

Stork Nest 16.03 (3)

Here is another one of my stork photos. This time it is on the tower on the opposite river bank and you can see mum and dad stork together. It looks a little strange because of the angle, but one is sitting and the other is standing next to it. I am so looking forward to the babies arriving. They do not seem to be wasting a lot of time, already nesting in March.

Altstadt 16.03 (7)

As I mentioned I went into town on Saturday afternoon and the weather was at its best. Our restaurant mile along the river Aar was packed with people sitting outside in the sun enjoying the warm weather.

And today back to the old routine. This morning I am off shopping as the cupboard is bare and I want to get covered for food until Wednesday lunchtime. I also have an excursion planned with No. 1 son and two bags of glass and metal to take to the recycling deposit containers. It is in our village and I am the chauffeur to just along the road. My son takes the bags and distributes the recycling stuff in the containers. The last time I went was about six weeks ago.

And now to get down to the daily tasks. Breakfast is finished and I should move to make sure I am finished for the shopping trip. Keep well, have a good week and no stress.

River Aare 16.03 (4)

A view of the local River Aar in the sun from last Saturday.