FOWC with Fandango: Health

Infusion Hospital

A tablet for this and  a pill for the rest
We cannot be ill, we have all the best
If you feel sick, then just swallow it down
Medicine has an answer, no need to frown
You need iron in blood? No problem it’s here
Just swallow a few nails,  do not have fear
Your heart beats too fast, you need a spare part
Replace it at the hospital to give a good start
And if you fall and might break a limb
It will be nailed back together, future is not so grim
We are all healthy, it might cost some money
The doc will look after you, he finds it quite funny
There is no escape from the final solution
Be careful how you breathe, there might be pollution
The end result remains  thanks to the boffin
Health does it all, for the coffin they carry us off in

FOWC with Fandango: Health

RDP Monday: Speculate

Swiss Apple flan with cream

Monday is a little more stress than usual. As the cupboard is bare I must refurbish food supplies in the morning at the store and clean away the bits and pieces from the week-end. This means that lunch is later and so is my after dinner sleep, leading to the result that I only rise from hugging the  bed some time between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. This is no problem really but whilst finishing my golden oldie sleep I was speculating on the remainders of yesterday’s Swiss Apple tart with some whipped cream.

This was the proverbial carrot dangling in front of my nose when I decided to leave my bed. Although someone had also taken a piece of the tart, there was still enough left for an afternoon refreshment.


I also noticed that my local supermarket was also speculating with further business when I received their monthly letter today. For every rappen (cent) I spend in the store I get accumulated money tokens which I can exchange for their value in the store. I suppose it is all psychological to keep my custom as I cannot imagine a business gifting us with their products, but this month I received 84 Swiss francs worth of tokens which I will exchange with my next big week-end buys. The crafty bit is when I exchange them I no longer get an accumulated value for the money I spend at the time. They give with the one hand and take with the other I suppose. However, this is not all. In this information I also received 2 monthly 3x points which means more points at the end of the day, and if I tank up at their petrol station, which I probably will this month, I also get a 5 rappen (cent) advantage, although I am not quite sure how that one works.

If I decide to shop on line for a value over 100 Swiss francs I will not have to pay delivery charges. I am still thinking about that one. The last time I shopped online was because we had a snow storm and I could not get to the store. I actually like shopping and meeting other people and seeing other places.

This month seems to be full of speculations. Shopping is becoming a logistical training and I have special places in my purse for keeping all the various documents. I do not believe for one moment that my supermarket is being kind and benevolent. They look after themselves first of all, but I just go with the stream of other shoppers.

RDP Monday: Speculate

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Not a very promising sight this morning, although a bright band where the sun is arriving. There is a cold wind blowing out there and I had to shut the window as it was blowing through the apartment. Gale force winds were predicted in our area around 6.00 a.m. and they have arrived. At least it is warm indoors, but only thanks to Mr. Swiss. He noticed on Saturday that our heating system (gas, down in the cellar) was not functioning and the floors were cold, as we have floor heating. These things always happen at week-ends. It is not our job to organise it, but here it seems to be nobody’s job, just one or two neighbours like ourself that bother with it. I suppose golden oldies are more sensistive.

After telephoning around on Sunday Mr. Swiss got to the right place and they sent a mechanic during the morning to fix it, which he did, so at least we did not freeze over the week-end.


Otherwise the weather more or less behaved over the week-end with a bit of blue and some sun. It was the big carnival procession in town and I could hear the music and noise from our village. I would have liked to have gone for some photos, but there are thousands of people there and no room for a wheelchair. My son went along to mix in with the fun.

I spent the day at home for a change from wheeling around in my chair.


I had a lunch to cook for all (ham, asparagus with sauce hollandaise and potatoes) and in the afternoon used up the remainder of my apples from my tree for a Swiss apple tart. Otherwise I had a half hour ironing marathon to deal with.

Today is the begin of a new week, so this morning I will be off on a quest for food in the store and this afternoon again at home. The carnival is now taking a rest on Monday as a recovery for those that were out all night, but resumes again tomorrow afternoon with a repeat of yesterday’s procession.

And I am on my way with the vacuum cleaner and to get ready to go. It is time to move on. Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed whilst I am sitting in the kitchen at the computer – so is the life of a modern golden oldie. We used to read the morning newspaper, but I have already done that in bed onine on my iPad and I only really look at the obits – you never know.

Enjoy your Mondays wherever you are, perhaps you already have Tuesday. Our clouds are gathering and the original bright stream on the horizon has now disappeared to make way for a cloud layer.

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