FOWC with Fandango: Opening

Dad opening the Door

Dad was opening the door
There had been many doors in his 90 years
It used to be one key
It was all so simple
Now there are two keys
To fit two locks
There was a time when the door stayed open
Why not, there was nothing to take
I would be playing in the street
Coming and going as I needed
Doors are now locked
No-one can be trusted
Even a 90 year old man might have something useful
And so dad opened his door
I took a photo
There is no longer a dad
or his house at the corner of Northfield Road
And the keys have been passed on

FOWC with Fandango: Opening

RDP Tuesday: Diurnal

Web 15.10 (10)

No diunal event a spider web
A home for its builder
Waiting, hidden, to pounce on the victim
But what if, what if, yes
Where the wall meets the ceiling
Draped on the axis of the joints
Invisible during daylight
Until the sun shines and reflects
Seeing woven threads
Attack with the duster
Calamity, the duster leaves dust
The webs encrusted and black strings hanging
No longer an occasional action
Every morning an inspection
Where, where, where
Look at the corners, again renewed
Is there a dust bunny that spins?
The battle cry vacuum is heard
Balancing on the bed, on a chair
Reaching and finding, sucked away
Disappearing in the tube
Not diurnal? a joke
A daily exploration
Relax, they are gone, until tomorrow
The life of a dust bunny

RDP Tuesday: Diurnal

Good Morning

Jura Morning with clouds

Who would have thought that there would be such a wonderful view on the Jura mountains from my front garden this morning. The sun is shining, it is very cold, but we have blues skies instead of the rainy grey and it looks like today will be a good one.

Yesterday we had snow and rain together and very high winds to mix it all.


The snow was luckily not laying on the ground, but you can see the isolated flakes dropping on the photo. Yesterday morning I was on a shopping trip to feed the family. As I was talking to the lady in the meat department she suddenly said look at the snow outside, and it was a real white curtain falling down. When I left the store it had already stopped and it was just wet outside. Monday is my stress morning as I get the cleaning done and afterwards continue to the store. Otherwise my shopping is done in the afternoon.

I also had a problem with my Dyson vacuum cleaner. It is the one that loads on a station and it fell and the container with the collective dust and dirt opened. I was just getting ready to go, but Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He collected the mess with the other Dyson (the bigger one) and then we discovered that the one that fell had problems. The motor was on a stop and go all the time. When I returned from the shopping trip, everything under control again. The stop and go problem was now in the cellar as we had another Dyson down there which was working perfectly. We seem to be surrounded by Dysons. However, the stop and go problem will now be taken to the store on Wedenesday afternoon where I bought it as I discovered the guarantee is still valid until 2021. I even gathered praise from Mr. Swiss that I have such a good organised system with my guarantee documents. What else does a golden oldie have to do all day?

I am a little later this morning as my wonderful pearl of a cleaning lady was looking after my shower and bathroom. She does the cleaning I can not longer do and I am so glad. I was busy cleaning my windows as the rain left its calling card on them yesterday and now everything is perfect. I will really make an effort to go into town this afternoon for a wheelie so I hope the weather gods play nicely. Dinner is cooking and now to take it easy.

May your day be a good one, if not it can only get better. I leave you with a greeting from my garden.