Daily Prompt: Rebel

Planting Daffodils

It was raining but the rebel continued, undaunted, fighting for her cause. The spectators were gathered around watching, in the background a member of the secret police was keeping an eye on things. What was this hooded figure doing hiding in a bush? The hands were on the ground. Was an object being  buried, perhaps a secret letter box for her agent to find, with the details.

No, this was a rebel with a cause, she knew what she was doing. A Mata Hari of the daffodils. The daffodils had fought their cause but died in the execution of their flowering duty. She had no choice but to bury them in the secret place around the buddleia bush, hoping that they would return next year amidst the disappearing snows and frosts of Winter.

Planting Daffodils

It was not an easy task and little did she know that it was all being recorded on camera, but she had no choice. Rebels have to carry out their duty until the last daffodil disappears in its wet earthy grave. During the process she encountered some earth worms, but they ignored  the hooded figure with the garden implements. In the meanwhile the spectators decided to look away, not wanting to be questioned and perhaps even submitted to torture for more information. They saw no evil, heard no evil and said no evil, they were the silent majority.

Ok, it was me planting my dead daffodils hoping they would revive again for next year and it was still raining. At least I did not have to soften the earth, the rain did it for me. Suddenly Mr. Swiss appeared incognito complete with mobile phone camera to see what I was doing. My 16 daffodils are now planted and ready to go. I did have some problems standing again after the work, but I even managed to overcome that little problem. I am still talking to Mr. Swiss, although I had to think about it.


Daily Prompt: Rebel

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rebel

    • My therapist was here yesterday and I asked her for a tip how to do it. The most difficult part was digging and insertin the bulb in the right place, but I did it. I did ask Mr. Swiss to plant me the last two, but it was more complicated than doing it myself.


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