RDP Sunday: Lamb

How is it possible to get a group photo of sheep: no problem, just show them the camera and they gather together. I encountered this group of sheep all spread over the field and then they saw me. In a few seconds they all gathered together. Perhaps it was curiosity or perhaps just something that sheep do. One of them makes a decision. it seems to be a global decision and they all do the same thing. I am sure sheep have mastered the secrets of telepathy.

RDP Sunday: Lamb

Good Morning

The sky suits the mood of the day. Overcast and indecisive. Since I left my nice warm comfortable bed I have been busy doing this and that. I had no bread for breakfast, so had to bake up the half baked platt bread I get from my supermarket yesterday. They are ideal for the week-end especially nice and warm from the oven. Whilst it was baking I sorted yesterday’s wash which had dried overnight on the stand and filled up the bird food, although the birds had already arrived and were pecking through the remains of yesterday.

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday and there were four birds gathered on my bird house. I think at least one was definitely a gold finch if not the others as well. They seem to have found a new meeting place and I notice we are getting visits from all sorts of various birds. Perhaps they feel the change in the weather, although I do not so much.

However I did break my isolation yesterday and ventured into town in the afternoon. After at least three weeks of being a home lady, I decided it was time to fill up on my provisions and see what the store had. They always fill a freezer with the special offers. Last time I managed to get some frozen ready diced potato for frying – 2 pakets for the price of 1. This time they had something similar, potato croquettes, so I am now well organised. I cook real potato basically, nothing better than fresh produce, but now and again I get a bit lazy and prefer to do it without the peeling and chopping, although usually I call Mr. Swiss to help and we get it done in half the time. In also paid a visit to the butchers to choose the meat I wanted over the counter. Prepacked is OK, but actually seeing the fresh meat and choosing it to be cut how you want it is really for me something better. Ordering steak online is not always the best as they do not always cut it as I like it to be cut.

I naturally took a few photos on my way through town. There are some nice little nooks and crannies in town. This little house even has a cat flap in the door. I always wheel past when I take the surrounding road. I usually go to the store and return through the town.

As usual, in the covid lock down days of life, there was not very much happening, although it was a Saturday afternoon. the stores are now open, but with limited amount of customers, and the restaurants are still closed. There is talk of opening up again soon, but I do not think it will make a big difference. People have got used to the “new way of isolated life” and many, like myself, order their goods online.

As I left town I passed our ancient defence area complete with moat and a view over the Jura mountains. On the right there are the parking spaces, now used by the customers for their vaccinations which borders on the building where we should go.

The last part of my journey before I turn into my village shows the Jura heights. They seem to have collected some more snow lately. I will be glad when this cold unfriendly weather is finished. I made sure I was wearing my nice warm woolly hat and gloves yesterday, I really needed them.

Have a good Sunday everyone, relax and take it easy. Even I have an easy lunch today with no long cooking times. I want to enjoy my Sunday and this aftrnoon I am staying at home, even might bake a cake.