Good Morning

And the sun has risen after a rainy cold windy day yesterday. Perhaps the wind has blown the cobwebs away. I noticed the spider that moved into the corner behind the bathroom door had departed to the land when spiders go when they have departed from their spidery life. Did someone mistakiingly overlook him on the floor? It was not me I know, I always take care of my spiders, but there he was with little curled up legs. I am sure one of his colleagues will take over where he left off.

I seems that our postman no longer has to ring once or twice, as there is a new delivery service for my online orders of items that catch my eye and if you go to the laundry room in the evening as I often do as electricity if half price from 9.00 p.m. There might be a parcel left at the entrance as is was yesterday.

Yesterday evening I discovered this strange object in a parcel at the entrance to our apartment block. I knew it was for me as I had ordered it from my kitchen gadget supplier. I am a succour for such things. It is a new vegetable cutter, manually operated. It arrived in a flat pack, so I spend half an hour working out how to assemble it which was a little complicated, but I managed it. The web site even had a video to show how to complete it, although I had to play the video, stopping and starting until I got to the details. The idea is to put the veg into the opening on the left and pump up and down with the green lever which cuts the various sizes. You can chop slices in various sizes or rods of carrots and celery etc. I got the idea of the slices, but had to give up with the rods and decided to leave it for the morning. However, when I examined the contents of the delivery box for the invoice to pay I discovered folded up together with the post slip was a page with printed instructions. I had then already given up and decided to save it for today. Mr. Swiss had already retired, but I could not resist disturbing him to tell him there was an instruction leaflet. I am sure he slept better afterwards with the solution. Unfortunately I do not really have anything to cut at the moment. There is a built in safety piece to stop you cutting your fingers. It is not dishwasher proof, but you get a small brush with it to clear away the unwanted refuse. They really think of everything. Having dealt with this little excitement I managed to sleep well.

I had one of my usual visitors outside on the porch yesterday. This time Roschti decided to take it easy on the porch, occupying one of the chairs. He is certainly at home at my place. He has not yet visited this morning, but the other cat has.

My robin also visited yesterday as every day. He really likes to have it all for himself and waits patiently until the sparrows and other visitors have had their fill. I am now getting down to the rest of the bird food and am wondering to order a new bag or not.

Yesterday I had a late night. There was a film about the British comedian Tony Hancock. He died many years ago, but I really loved his humour. He seemed to have problems with his life, involving alcohol and depression and eventually took his own life, but left behind a plethora of funny episodes. The Blood Donor was one of the best. Here is a small part, the rest is half an hour and you can find it on YouTube

And now I am off for the usual Friday routine. The week-end is just round the corner, so enjoy it.