Good Morning

It was a misty morning, but gradually the clouds are lifting and even the sun has now appeared. At last I arrived, but have one of those complicated mornings behind me. First of all I got up punctually to prepare a bread. That is not so problematic as the machine does most of it, I just have to feed it with flour and yeast and a little salt for the dough. It is now since an hour slowly rising in a nice warm place. I can forget it for another hour whilst I tend to the rest. I always have my camera next to me in case anything astonishing might happen and it did.

My robin appeared outside. This photo is from yesterday afternoon. Today’s photo is still in the camera. However, my camera was not doing what it should and I was getting blurred photos all the time. An expert photographer would have known why, but my expertise is not as good as it should be. It was clear to me that something small had been shifted on the camera, but I had to search until I found it. After a time I did, but it was most annoying. It was really just a small switch to change the focus operation and now I am happy again. As if to conpensate my robin returned and so I could catch up on what I missed this morning.

Otherwise I managed to do the normal roiutine, making No. 1 son’s bed and generally organising the daily bird food and making my breakfast, so I am now back in the old routine, although perhaps a few minutes later, but who cares. We golden oldies have all day. I got yet another message on my phone yesterday from the local vaccination centre reminding me of my appointment this afternoon for the jab. The really want to be sure.

I even went for a short trip on my scooter yesterday afternoon to check that battery power was OK. This is a view of the main road towards the railway station at the bottom of the road. You can also see the train lines in the middle of the road. It was good that I went for the trial run, as I am not using my transport methods so much at the moment. I have now uploaded my scooter through the night and it is now on full power.

And now I should see about getting myself on full power. I have wasted enough tine this morning with bread and the camera. It is time for the daily shower and cleaning ritual. I will be hovering around today, but not so much on the conputer. I also have a real life to lead. Take care everyone and may it be a good start to the week.