Good Morning

The view looks almost the same as yesterday, but it was this morning: a bit of sun and some cloud. It is almost midday now. I was up at the usual time this morning, but Tuesday is always a bit of an exception as the cleaning lady comes and I have another routine. No time for computer work, I have my breakfast in the kitchen, shower and then organise a few things. The first visitor I had this morning was the man from the electric company that needed to get to the basement to read the meters. He always rings our doorbell (only once, not twice) as we are ground floor and it is the easiest access. I gave him a good morning greeting and he disappeared into the basement. Five minutes later the cleaning lady arrived. We said our usual good morning greetings and she got to work on my bathroom.

I decided to do a good clean of my back windows this morning as during the Winter I just give them a wipe. They were not in such a bad condition as it is the bedroom side of the appartment. The kitchen side had collected more layers on the glass. I was glad to get it done in half an hour, wiping down the frames and the glass and sweeping out the dust that had collected in the spaces in between. I am now a happy bunny and pleased to have done it. Now I am ready for the summer, with a quick wipe down now and again.

I was under observation from this bird yesterday from his perch in the opposite tree. I think they are called chickadees in the States. They are one of the colourful birds that visit us during the winter. In summer I do not often see them, as they are probably busy bringing up the kids.

This one also made himself busy pecking some seeds out of our coconut shell.

I was at home yesterday, it is still too cold for venturing to the outsdie world, and I have everything I need at home. Today I got my Tuesday delivery of groceries from the store and have spend a time getting it all organised. Some goes into the kitchen fridge, some in my second fridge in another room and some down in the cellar in the chest freezer. It is really a study in logistics to put it all in the right place, but my system works.

Our local cat, Roschti, also paid a visit yesterday. I notice the weather must now have a Spring touch to it, as he settled outside on the porch for a relaxing session, one of his favourite places. For an 18 year old cat, he is doing quite well.

In between I manage to get dinner organised and it is now cooking. Son No. 1 will soon be home from work, so I should move one to more important things. Have a good day everyone, keep safe and wrap up warm. It is not quite Spring yet in the northern hemisphere.