Good Morning

And a wonderful morning it is. I was up early enough to cath the sunrise from our front garden. In the meanwhile I have done all the bits and pieces, had some breakfast and welcomed my cleaning lady.

The big news is that I have had the first jab against the dreaded Covid. It happened yesterday afternoon. I now feel complete and no longer stood up and waiting. It was very well organised and I really felt like someone special. It took place in our local concert hall where I remember watching a few jazz concerts, rocks concerts and even an opera recital. It had now been converted with various small tented cubilcles for the victims. My welcome was perfect. I arrived on my scooter and was immediately helped with a perfect parking place in front of the entrance door. I had my walker with me hanging on the back of the scooter, so could move under my own steam. After having my temperature checked quickly, I had to give my medical card for a check, although that was routine. The whole show was free of charge. I then moved on to a table with a doctor and his helper that asked me a few questions about allergies and my medical condition. And then it was on to the jab. A trainee doctor, or doctor was jabbing everyone. I was in a separate cubicle and it was a very friendly atmosphere. Afterwards I was show to a place with seating where I had to wait 15 minutes before I was realeased.

We were mostly golden oldies, although a few younger people were also there. There were not so many people and it was quite pleasant.

I even had time to take a photo of the roof construction in the hall which I found quite interesting.

The whole thing was organised with help from the community service, nice young men with armbands being generally helpful everywhere.

After waiting my 14 minutes I had to register my departure at the desk where these two young men were sitting. I was given all the necessary documents to take with me as they would be necessary for my second jab which will take place in four weeks in the same place. I felt no ill effects afterwards. I was now on the other side of the hall where the exit was, but one of the nice young men came with me back to the entrance where I my scooter was parked. My next appointment was planned for 10.00 am which is a little early for me. However I had a phone number and called this morning where a very nice person changed the appointment to the afternoon.

I am now really glad that I am one of the club of jabbed citizens. I was a little annoyed reading about everyone was getting their vaccinations and having to read the bad effects I could have. I was also being constantly asked if I had already had my vaccine. I was probably one of the lucky ones that felt OK afterwards. Apparently after the second jab you can get a Covid arm, but as I am used to injecting myself with MS medicine every second day, that should be no problem for me. I am glad we got the Pfizer Vaccine and that it will be done with in four weeks. So that was my vaccine advenure yesterday. Apparently the protection is actual in about a week.

In the meanwhile life continued as normal at home and Mr. Swiss was surprised to see how quickly I was back at home again and fit and well. So that was my adventure for a Kovid Jab.

Hope you are all keeping well and the Spring weather is also upon you.