RDP Sunday: Lamb

How is it possible to get a group photo of sheep: no problem, just show them the camera and they gather together. I encountered this group of sheep all spread over the field and then they saw me. In a few seconds they all gathered together. Perhaps it was curiosity or perhaps just something that sheep do. One of them makes a decision. it seems to be a global decision and they all do the same thing. I am sure sheep have mastered the secrets of telepathy.

RDP Sunday: Lamb

14 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Lamb

        • I know there was a court case in Switzlerland – but not on the grounds of animal abuse but because somebody felt bothered by the sound. I can’t remember the outcome but the discussion revolved around Swiss traditions and life style and culture. I’ve did a short check – in Bavaria there was a similar case, and in Austria, too. I believe the bells made sense when the cows are roaming free on mountain pastures, notwithstanding whether it is cruel ot the animals.

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          • I seem to remember that one. We also had a debate about not removing the cow horns. That was an initiative but the Swiss people decided they should be removed. I was one of the voters that found the cows should be able to keep their horns

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