Good Morning

After a dull afternoon yesterday and a little rain during the night, this morning looks like it is brightening up a little. Even the sun makes an appearance now and again, so let us hope for the best. I would really like to thank everyone for their good wishes yesterday, I was really feeling a little down after a somewhat rough night and uncertain feeling in the morning. It really helps to have such good friends, even if we have never seen each other or spoken in real life, but your messages of kindness are really a great help. You do not feel so alone in the world. Mr. Swiss helps where he can, but his possibilities are now also limited and I do not want to overwhelm him with too many problems.

And now back to the realities of life, although I am not going anywhere today. My week-end groceries will be delivered this morning and this afternoon I will be keeping myself busy making a pizza pastry for a home made pizza (never been done before by me). It will only be one round pizza for me and Mr. Swiss. Son No, 1 has his own. He prefers it with tuna fish.

I had a little visitor (actually quite large for his species) climbing up the wall in the bedroom. It is next to the open window to the garden so we often get such visitors. I did a quick check and discovered his only danger was the intrusion in my private space, but not a lethal problem, so I let him go his way. He has now disappeared so I suppose he found his way into the great wide world again. It is now the season that nature is awakening. You do not only get the nice spring flowers but also their friends and helpers.

I at last finished my 900 page book yesterday.It was “The Evening and the Morning”, the fourth in the Ken Follett Kingsbridge Series. I have read all four books. They tell of the growth of a city in England from its beginnings as a collection of a few houses on the banks of a river to a town having its own cathedral. Of course stories of people are intertwined with the developments, The common people, the town elders and the monks and religious individuals that do not always take religion so seriously. There are villains and good people. There are invaders such as the ruthless Vikings that take what they want and leave death and destruction behind them. Ken Follet wrote the fourth book about the beginnings (the year 998 until 1003 approximately) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had neglected my reading for a while, but have now reduced my blogging a little to spend more time relaxing with a good book. I like to blog and my Good Morning greeting remains; perhaps with one or two other contributions, but I am getting older and need more restful time. Reading is good, it keeps the brain active and a good book is always something wonderful.

I still have my camera resting next to me to capture any bird life outside in the garden, but at the moment it is mainly my friend the robin that pays his regular visits, This photo was yesterday, but he has already arrived this morning for a few seedy treats.

I also saw these two on the bird house. I think thaey are finches, but am not sure. I had never seen one with red feathers on the head before- I suppose they are all now sprucing up for the mating season. the men like to look their best for the ladies.

I am really dreading my second injection for covid, I am hearing all sorts of horror stories of the after effects and already having MS it is not exactly a great help. However, I have time to organise my journey to the injection station. It is along the road, but I will not be sure if I can drive home afterwards with my scooter. I have enough time until the end of the month when it is due. Mr. Swiss goes a couple of days before me, so I can see how it will work on him.

And now time to move on. I have some ironing to do from yesterdays linen change on the beds, just the duvet and cushion covers. Mr. Swiss was quite astonished that I managed to do it yesterday, but to be quite honest so was I. Keep safe everyone and the newest idea is to let the fresh air in due to Covid. That is no problem for me as I always have a window open somewhere, although Mr. Swiss is not so happy about it. He finds it draughty when I find it fresh air. Anyhow our little village is still Covid free with its 930 population since half a year and before we only had one or two isolated cases.