RDP Monday: Kettle

Kettle? Is that what my mum used to boil water when I was still in her care. Every cup of tea had its water boiled in a kettle. Our water was not so perfect and was full of lime (we called it fur) , meaning that the kettle eventually had a thick white layer which collected over time. The only solution was to dissolve it with vineagar.

And so what happened to the kettle? It has disappeared over the years and been replaced by something more modern (plastic or glass) which has a light show when it is boiling. I suppose they are called water boilers (am not sure of the modern english expression) and we now have our second edition. The water boils quite quickly and modern life has given us an expensive filter system which eliminates the lime. However sometimes I miss the kettle, it was so homely and it just belonged to mum and her household.

RDP Monday: Kettle

Good Morning

If you are wondering what te little white streaks are on the bottom of the photo, it is snow. It began when I stopped hugging the bed and is still snowing now, although a very wet type of snow and I do not think it has much chance of laying around in thick white layers. I ventured out to fill the bird feeders and lay out some seeds for those that prefer to eat from the ground, and it was a very wet unpleasant cold morning. I think it will stay this way all day.

And now it is falling thicker and faster. Needless to day I will not be going anywhere today, but staying at home snug and comfortable. It does not seem to bother the birds so much and they are still arriving for a quick peck at a seed now and again

I was surprised to see my robin in the garden yesterday in the company of the sparrows. He usually avoids other birds and prefers to take his meals alone. He probably lost his patience and and decided not to wait.

And look who took a stroll around the garden yesterday. It has been some time since the crows appeared in my garden. They used to come and feed every morning, but this year I have not seen them so much, just heard them in the distance. They might have found a new source of food. This one was just taking an afternoon stroll.

I had quite an interesting TV evening, although it was not really my intention. First of all Jurassic Park 2, The Lost World was showing and this one I had never seen completely. Baby T-Rex gets captured and injured and Mummy T-Rex is not happy. Being a carnivore she was getting quite dangerous. Alls well that ends well, and Baby got a treatment for the injury. Mummy T-Rex is still looking for her baby and somehow arrives in America on a ship terrorising the inhabitants of a town and killing a few humans now and again. Eventually mummy and child are reunited, put in the hold of a ship and escorted back to their island where all Jurassic Park animals are living in peace and harmony without human intervention. After recovering from that epic film and checking outside to make sure there were no earth tremors caused by Jurassic feet. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” from 2008 followed it with Keanu Reeves playing a very human looking terrestrial. Again a happy ending and he eventually returned to his own planet leaving the Earth inhabitants to do their own thing. What an evening that was, a change from the usual quiz programmes and gardening films.

I am now off to the usual routine in the apartment. Hope that the weather is with you today, we are slowly submerging in snow. Have a good one all the same, make the most of it.