Good Morning

It does not look too bad, but there are high cold winds and a trace of rain in the air. There is a storm on its way according to the weather warnings and it even has a name. It is called “Klaus” in our country. The wind is blowing throught the apartment shaking the blind stripes and doing a whistle now and again through the doors. Needless to say I will not be going anywhere today.

Yesterday we had a small drama with our computers. Mr. Swiss and I both have Microsoft Outlook on our computers and it was not working. We were both not receiving our mails. I switched to the computer programme and could get my mails over Internet. It was quite mysterious as there were no reports of the mails being down in our area. we contacted our computer guru but he also could not get them to work and said it would better to wait until the next day, which we did. Strange but true, everything is working perfectly again. Another problem solved.

I was busy in the kitchen again yesterday with my bread baking. It is now becoming a regular event. If I am staying at home during the day I can begin to make the dough during the morning. If I plan on an afternoon journey, I start it when I rise in the morning. I now have a perfect plan for my home bakery. This time I baked a brown bread. I will probably bake another one today and that will be enough until next week.

Otherwise the birds were gathering as normal outside.

I wonder what they will do when I stop feeding them. Perhaps they might begin to demonstrate and organise some group flights against my Windows. I remember the Alfred Hitchcock film about the birds.

I caught a glimpse of my friend Mr. Robin yesterday. He was sitting in the tree. He just tured up again in front of my window. Is he still looking for a mate?

I must be getting old as I had yet another early night yesterday. I was feeling quite tired and disappeared into my bed already at 10.00 p.m. and slept quite soundly. Someone mentioned yesterday, quite rightly, that I am no longer contributing so much to various blogging sites. I must be getting old, but I just do not have the energy so much to write in the evening. I prefer to relax with a book of even the TV if they bring anything worth watching. My brain no longer finds so many ideas, although now and again I might appear somewhere. I enjoy my Morning blog as I am fresh from hugging the bed and probably have more energy. I must say I do miss my colleagues a little.

Have a good day everyone and may it be a good one, just make the most of it.