Good Morning

A little dramatic this morning. It is still quite cold but now and again the sun peeks through. Today is cleaning lady day, but no problem. Whilst she is toiling in the apartment I am toiling on the computer. I did make a small attempt at polishing up a few windows, but decided they were clean enough and so I left it. No energy for windows this morning, so will concentrate on cooking lunch.

In the meanwhile got my delivery from the supermarket and vaccumed the meat for freezing. Also got two new glass containers for microwaving. They are very well made and were in a special offer. Now and again one gets broken, and now I have a couple of subtitutes. A few minutes ago it began to snow again, but not so long. I just wish it would get a little warmer.

I baked a bread yesterday, but not very much left as everyone seemed to make the most of it for tea in the evening. Today no bread baking as I do not have so much time when Lucia, my cleaning pearl, is here. I really never thought I would get the hang of baking bread, but it works so well. There is really not so much stress. The machine does the mixing and otherwise I can just leave it in a warm place to rise. This time it was a semi white flour bread which seems to be the family favourite, although the next bread will be with brown flour. It would get boring if I made the same bread all the time.

I think this might be a gold finch. Now and again they appear in the garden, especially in the cold weather. They are really something special.

Although my robin is still a regular visitor. I just love that little bird. He discretley hops onto the food. The snow did not bother him so much yesterday, it was almost a photo for a Christmas card.

And the chckadee also appeared. It was really a wonderful colourful assembly yesterday.

And now I should really move onto the kitchen. I decided to make Spatzli with the meat today, and will have to set up the machine, although it does not really take such a long time.

I noticed that it will soon be Easter – again. How I hate those holdays when everything has to be carefully planned as the shops close on stupid days such as Friday and Monday, making a very long week-end. However, I have the food already organised and I still have almost two weeks to get it all sorted out. Easter holiday was one of the worst holidays of the year, even worse than Christmas. I then had a family with four kids to feed and everyone wanted something special. I also had to fit in some egg colouring sessions with the kids. Today it is all stress free if you organise everything and the Saturday shopping ordeal when everyone seemed to be shiopping, is no longer. I hear all the advertisments on the radio and TV about organising the special food for lunch. That is now a thing of the past thank goodness. I noticed I can even order a giant Chocolate East bunny online.

And now I really must go. Have a good day, make the most of it and may it be stressless.