Good Morning

Another cold sunny morning. I just wish it would warm up a bit. It is now supposed to be the beginning of spring, but apart from a few crocus and snowdrops I have not noticed very much. Even my daffodils are refusing to open their buds. I might take a chance today and venture out of my own self sought isolation into town this afternoon. It has been almost two weeks since I went anywhere. In between son No. 1 brought a few items I needed. I must be getting forgetful and noticed with my online grocery delivery yesterday that I had forgotten bread for the week-end, which is not such a tragedy. I always have something frozen in the freezer.

I managed to get an action photo of one of the sparrows preparing for a landing on the food supplies, otherwise not very much happening yesterday on the avarian front.

I had the usual visit of my friend the robin, He is the first to arrive in the morning and the last to go in the evenung.

Not even the TV programme was interesting yesterday. The news tells me that we are now all to expect of third wave of the Covid pandemic in Europe, which for me is not surprising. I think we will be left with this scourge for the next five years at least. It all seems to be some sort of science fiction film we are living in. Perhaps we are just part of an experiment from another world somewhere in space. I am due for my second jab the week after the next. I am not so much looking forward to it as I have heard that reactions to the second one are a little stronger than the first. I felt almost nothing from my first jab. And then it will be followed by the Easter holidays, which I am not looking forward to. I am really hoping my jab reactions will be minimal. Just another shopping stress when the stores will be closed and everyone fighting for their food. Our own eating habits have also changed over the years thank goodness. No more big invites for holidays and marathon cooking sessions. We are no longer so fussy with the special meals and I no longer have to fight for the best choice of meat and veg.

I read yesterday that Finland is now the happiest nation in the world and Switzerland is No. 3 on the list. Somehow I do not feel so happy, but the other countries are probably very miserable.

And now I should move on, with a little household work and the usual Saturday routine. I wish you all what I wish myself, a nice stressless week-end, free if unnecessary problems. Keep well and safe.