Good Morning

I does not look so bad, and now we even have a little sun. The first news I had from the outside world from Mr. Swiss was that it was snowing outside, although nothing dramatic: just a few isolated flakes. At least the strong winds have now blown through and there was no great damage done.

After having the lid from my bird house blown away by the wind, Mr. Swiss suggested to weight it down with a stone which did the trick. It did not seem to bother this little bird and he carried on with his food supplies.

The robin decided to play it safe and stay on ground level.

And when the wind blows, you can also get quite thirsty.

I mostly listen to one of the Global music stations in the background on the radio and it seems that today is Mothering Sunday for the Brits. I have been hearing about it all week, but here in mainland Europe, at least in Switzerland, it is the second Sunday in May. I remember my younger days when I was still at home and dad would get all nervous around the time, making sure I would not forget as mum could get quite fussy about such things. Of course I could not forget, even then the news was full of it, but it seems to have given me a negative attitude towards the day and I hope my kids do not feel they are under pressure by the whole performance. It has also become quite a commercial enterprise with boxes of special chocolates being sold.

I spent some time yesterday finalising my weekly shopping list online and now I can forget until the end of next week. Another early night yesterday, but even the TV can get a little boring repeating the same films continuously. I like Jurassic Park films and during the week they showed the first film of the series, but I found it a little exaggerated when they showed it again yesterday. I decided to change stations and what was showing? “Home Alone” again for the second time this week. I could have read in my book, but that is a sure thing for falling asleep in the evening, so I retired and slept very well.

And now to continue with the normal Sunday ritual, a little bit of organising, some cooking and generally taking it easy and no stress.