Good Morning

A bit of a dull morning, but even the sun likes to hug the clouds now and again. I am sure he will arrive some time later. Yesterday was another bright day and on my afternoon journey with my scooter I was even wearing a lighter jacket. The mornings are still quite cold but it warms up eventually.

Yesterday I was off to the store in town. Now that the weather is more pleasant I can get a few items in the stores. I still use my online deliveries for basics and the heavy stuff, such as mineral water but ordering meat online is not always so perfect. Now and again they do not have what I want and the quantities are not so ideal. I had to go to town for Mr. Swiss and his cigarettes, so called in at the store and stocked up with some pork chops and steak which I could freeze for when needed. There was also a special offer on a few frozen items. I am now well covered for my needs. During the Summer months I now have the best of both worlds, online and virtual shopping and I no longer have to go anywhere when the weather changes to rain as I can still order online for the goods to be brought home. It was certainly a wonderful change to get out and about and mingle with the others, although naturally at a safe distance. I had really lead a life of semi isolation during the Winter. That also had its advantages, not stressing around and spending more time catching up at home with various chores. I think I have now perfected my bread making, everyone at home is now spoilt with daily homemade bread, except for Tuesday and week-ends. . I have my cleaniong lady on Tuesday and I do not have so much time to make and bake bread and at the week-end I do not need so much bread.

My next project is a pizza for me and Mr. Swiss on Friday. I often make my own, usually with bought ready pastry, but during the week I buy the ready made just for the two of us and No. 2 son. I have now found an ideal recipe for pizza dough and have organised the contents. All the dough needs is pizza flour, yeast, and some olive oil. I will just follow the recipe. Just a plain one with tomato, mozarella cheese, some ham and artichoke hearts and a sprinkling of mushrooms on top.

I wheeled through town and it was again alive with more people. The lock down is gradually being relaxed and stores are opening, although the restaurants are not yet fully open: just to pick up a take away, but everything going well that will change soon. I just hope that our covid statistics continue to sink.

There are still restrictions as to how many people are allowed in the store. I noticed that C& A had a 50% sale. The Winter clothing is no longer needed so they are probably reducing their stocks. It seemed to be quite an attraction amongst the public and they were queing outside waiting to be allowed in. It is probably the novelty of again shopping, although it does not interest me. I do not have to wear the latest fashion and it seems to me that it has lost a little of its importance. We are just glad to be fit and well and able to move freely outside again.

Even the pigeons were making the most of the sunny day. I had a sneaking suspicion they were on the search for a partner to spend the Summer with.

I noticed that our stork visitor had again made itself at home on the chimney of our concert hall. The pair are now regular visitors annually, although it seems the town authorities are not so happy about the tons of material that are deposited on the chimney for the nest as it has to be cleared away again in Winter.

I eventually made my way home, passing the entrance to the riding hall where I had my jab this week. The helpers were waiting outside for new customers and as I wheeled past they all gave me a wave and a cheery greeting. I really must have made a good impression.

And now to move on with my daily routine. The bread pastry is rising and I have a few bits and pieces to organise. I wish you all a good day, make the most of it.