RDP Tuesday: Stealthie

This afternoon I was being extra stealthie. I had my second and final jab again the Covid scourge. I did not have to wait long. First of all I had to show my documents from the first jab and then take a seat a wait. Luckily it did not take so long. they had erected tents and when you enter there is a doctor and assistant that gives you the vaccination. Afterwards you wait for 15 minutes to make sure there are no after effects and they you can go home. As it was the second one, I was extra careful and my lovely neighbour took me in his car. He waited until I was finished and took me home afterwards.

I was planning on a relaxed afternoon afterwards for any after effects. However, up to now I have none.

RDP Tuesday: Stealthie

Good Morning

I have not even had time to take a morning photo this morning, there was just too much going on and I was not going to leave out my breakfast. I need that to get a start on the day. I cleaned through the appartment on the surface and then the cleaning lady arrived. She soon made herself busy with the work and I decided to clean a few windows. I was just finished when my grocery online delivery arrived from the store. It was quite a lot to distribute in the varsious places: two refrigerators, a freezer and the cupboard. I am now completely organised for Easter, so anything can happen as far as I am concerned.

No. 2 son will be visiting on Easter Sunday with his family, so I will at last again see my two grandchildren again. We found it was better to wait awhile until our Covid problems were more clear. In the meanwhile the third wave has arrived in Switzerland, not as bad as other countries. Instead of the thousand cases daily it is now 3-4,00 but now Mr. Swiss has had his second Covid jab and I am having mine this afternoon.

Yesterday I went into town. Actually I was only planning on a trip to the local store, but the weather was so good that I decided to go the whole hog and go to town. I also had to fill up on my reserve of cooking wine and a few other items that I can only get in town. There are so few people in our town now, despite the wonderful Spring weather we are now experiencing. People seem to be getting used to isolating themselves. I must say the change in weather also gives me more impetus to go anywhere.

The pigeons are also now gathering, especially when they find something to peck on the ground. The male pigeons seem to now be wearing their Spring coats, no female pigeon is now safe from their amorous advances.

The crows are also regular customers. I had to study this photo. It seems they have developed the trick of putting two peanuts in their beak at once.

I am sure they are nesting in the high trees, although I must admit I have never seen a baby crow. My cleaning lady was watching them this morning and said they are really big crows. I must be feeding them too well.

In the meanwhile my gardener arrived with a sage plant I had ordered. He planted it for me and now my herb garden is complete for the summer and I must now go. Wishing all a good day with no stress. I have had enough for today. I even cooked a meal in between.