Good Morning

A stormy sky when I stopped hugging the bed this morning, but in the meanwhile it has cleared a little and even a little sun is peeping through. It even seems to be a little warmer this morning, although too early to say too much. I will not be going anywhere today as there is no need. I have enough food, which reminds me to take out the daily lunch meat from the freezer. It is in a vacuumed pack I also have to upload my scooter this evening as it is now down on power, although it would still bring me to the store along the road if necessary.

I just had a visitor at the window. He only arrives for breakfast and goes afterwards. He waits patiently until he gets his rewards. How can you resist such pleading eyes.

Yesterday I at last watched part 3 of Jurassic park, so now I think I have seen all of them as this one filled in a gap.

The theme music also happens to be one of my favourite music pieces and here it is being played under the direction of its author John Williams with the Vienna Philharmonic. Yesterday in the film they switched to the scene where the gentle giant dinosaurs were shown and played the music. It was then I had to speak a few earnest words with Mr. Swiss as he decided the film was finished and changed the channel. I reminded him the film was only half way through. I suppose he is not such n expert as I am. I have learned that dinosaurs are the vegetarians and all other species tend to prefer fresh meat. There was an interesting scene from the pterodactyls which have nests just like other flying species and like to feed their babies with any available fresh pickings they find. This time a human was dropped into the nest, but luckily was rescued in time before feeding about 10 hungry babies all waiting with their beaks open.

Yesterday one of my chickadee visitors again discovered the hanging treats outside. They love to have a peck at the goodies it contains.

He afterwards move one to the tree for a digestive session.

I also managed to bake a cake yesterday. It was just a normal fruit cake containing a selection of berries and fruit peel flavoured with some vanilla sugar. This time I did it in my kitchen aid machine instead of the electric hand mixer. It turned out OK, but it was a bit more of a messy job in the machine and I think I ate more cake mixture as I was making it. I think I will stick to the hand mixer for future cakes. Anyhow everyone seemed to enjoy it and since yesterday half has already disappeared.

Today I will be baking a bread at some time. And now to move on with the daily bits and pieces, although I have everything under control more or less. May the week progress in the best way possible for everyone and Spring be showing its best side eventually if you are in the Northen Hemisphere.