Good Morning

It is looking good again this morning. This time I took a photo looking North instead of South as the sun was blinding me on the camera lens otherwise. The Jura mountains are looking good in the sunlight and it seems the snow is now at last disappearing on the slopes. Just at the top there is still a layer of snow, but that too will pass (poetical!). Temperatures are also rising and we now have 15°C mid afternoon, although I am still wrapping up warm when I go for a wheelie. It is easy to get a chill if you are too soon with relaxed dress requirements.

I at last escaped from my isolation yesterday, saddled my wheelchair and went for a journey up to the local castle. I had uploaded the battery on my chair and was again full power. I was a bit worried as I had not used it for more than a month and the battery was almost empty. However, it is now working OK and my contact advised me that I should upload my wheelchair at least once a month when I no longer use it throuohout the Winter. I decided to do a mini tour and wheeled the path up to the castle.

I was rewarded with a view over the Bernese Alps when I reached the castle, looking South. It has been so long since I have seen them after remaining so long at home during the colder season. A lot has happed over the past year and I had to get used to a new routine. I no longer have a car and am dependent on my wheelchair and scooter. If it rains or snows. I can just forget going anywhere, but I have discovered the pleasures of online shopping. I do not have to go anywhere, it is brought home: also a great advantage keeping me away from the Covid problems. I am lucky to live in a village that has very few cases of Covid, I think just one or two since last year. Our area is also one of those in Switzerland that is on the safe side, with just a few cases now and again, but staying away from the population does help I am sure. Mr. Swiss and I have both had our first vaccination and will now be getting the second dose in the next couple of days. They have now reduced the age for vaccinations in our area and are beginning with the 60 year olds.

As I was on my way this large bird crossed my path and I managed to capture a photo with the cameral. I am not sure what it is, but it was a big one.

Otherwise the geese were out on the local farm and I heard them before I actually saw them with their choir of gobbles.

This one showed me how easy it is to stand on one foot. I suppose if you have such big feet as a goose, it is not difficiult.

There were a few chickens but no so many. This is one of the so-called “silky” breed. They have such soft feathers combined with a punk hairstyle and a bit of blue on the head to make it all very cool.

One of the horses was also enjoying the warmth of the sun.

I was really lucky with my wheelie yesterday, there was so much to see and take photos. Eventually it was time to head for home, but I was really feeling good after being out in the fresh air again. It looks like another perfect day, weatherwise, today and I will probably be off into town this afternoon. I have a few bits and pieces to get from the store, and I am not sure how my chances will be for shopping after Mr. Swiss has his second Covid jab and I have mine at the beginning of next week. We will probably alternate with taking it easy if and when there are after effects.

Look after yourselves, have a good day and take it easy. I will leave you with this photo of dog I saw on my visit to the farm. He was taking it easy outside and having a cooling down session.