Not exactly a super promising morning, but it will do. The sun was around but decided not to appear. As I went into the garden to put out the bird food for the day I was surprised.

Can you see those small white dots? Yes it began to snow, something I no longer expected, the snow days are now finished, although it can always happen that we might get a fall as an exception. Five minutes later the snow disappeared as if it was never here. I do not plan on going anywhere today, it is too cold.

Yesterday afternoon I ventured into town. The sun arrived and it was inviting. I saddled my scooter and was soon on my way, although with my winter jacket. It was not as warm as it looked. I had a few items I wanted to pick up in the store. Mr. Swiss had used the last packet of Salz for the dishwasher some time ago and forgot to tell me, so we had no more and there was a reminder to refill it. We also only had one battery left which are necessary for computer mice and otherwise a few objects. I could have ordered it online from the store, but decided to go into town myself.

There are now more people in town since our lockdown has been relaxed and the stores are now open. The covid queues were all waiting patiently to get into the store as numbers are still restricted inside. It reminds me of the 2nd World war when my mum told me how people learned to organise themselves by queuing. We can only hope that one day this will be just a memory of the Covid years.

Even the pigeons were queuing on their favourite places where they have a bird’s eye view of everything.

A new Turkish grocery store has now opened next to the supermarket. It deals mainly in fresh fruit and veg, although it also has the usual supermarket produce. I find it a good alternative to the supermarket. Perhaps a little unfortunate in the timing when we obey the covid laws, but he seems to have success with customers.

I made my way through town, but only stayed an hour, wanting to get back home in the warmth again. I spent the remainder of the day uploading my photos and after the evening meal settled into a nice warm chair for a TV evening.

I just got a message from my No. 2 son who lives with his family in a village near Schaffhausen. Yesterday they were on a excursion to the Rheinfall, which are quite near where they live. They are the biggest waterfalls in Switzerland and he took a photo, so here it is. The last time I paid a visit to the area was a few years ago, but the scenery is just wonderful.

I now leave you with this view of the Far North East of Switzerland and hope you have a good day wherever you are. May the weather be with you and enjoy the remainder of the week-end.