Good Morning

I took two photos with my mobile camera this morning. One was of the sunrise, but it looked exactly the same as yesterday’s photo. The other was a lonely robin looking for food. He is always the first visitor.

And here is the second visitor.

The neighbour’s cat Roschti, hoping for a feline delicaciy, which he naturally got.

The third visitor has just stopped hugging the bed and Mr. Swiss is now busy making a coffee in the kitchen and getting used to life again. We both need time in the morning to get through the first five minutes. My first job was to prepare a bread dough, which only needed about 5 minutes with my kitchen aid machine. It is now rising slowly in a warm place. Generally I make the dough later in the morning and bake in the afternoon but today I have an appointment with my wheelchair. It had been parked in my spare room for more than a month due to cold unfriendly Winter weather and even some snow. That is not ideal weather to go for a wheelie. I decided yesterday to take a journey again but discovered that the battery was low and I would not have got very far. I called the place where the gods work for my wheelchair and it is quite normal that the battery runs down when not being used. She said to upload it and see how it works afterwards. It has now been uploading the past night and this morning it seemed back to its normal state. However, I really must go for a wheelie this afternoon to see how it is behaving. Otherwise it would mean another new battery and they are expensive.

And yesterday I had yet another new visitor. It was the magpie who had made himself rare throughout the Winter. However, the crows left a few peanuts and the magpie decided to make the most of it. We have a colony living in the nearby trees and they seem to take over when they arrive although they are wary of the crows who are a head and wing bigger.

I managed to get a shot of the magpie as it made off with a peanut.

A blackbird also arrived. Thing are really getting lively in the bird world at the moment. They are all feeding well and probably on the lookout for a mate for the season.

This wonderful little colourful bird is often here, but always a little hidden in the longer grass. However yesterday I persevered and managed to get a shot. I believe it is a so-called house finch, one of the prettiest with his colourful feathers.

Today I hope to enjoy the outside weather. It is now warmer and the sun is here all day. Wednesday is not such a stress day. I should now finish my grocery order for dellivery on Friday. I am now stocking up on flour for various breads and pizza pastry as they have good special offers. I am also preparing a little for the Easter battle for food, but have it all worked out mentally. Just have to put it into practice next week.

I trust you will all have a good day.