Good Morning

I decided to take the photo from the northern side which at least had some blue showing through. I went outside to take some morning photos and had to return to put on a warm coat. There was a high wind blowing and remains of the night rain still on the paving stones in the garden. The blue sky was an illusion, it was really not so inviting to stay long. Mr. Swiss also decided to drift around, but after a quick look at the computer and a cup of coffee, he again disappeared and is again hugging the bed. He had his second covid vaccination yesterday and had no real extreme effects. Just a little headache, but he slept well and needed no medicine. I just hope it goes so well for me when I have mine on Tuesday. In the meanwhile I have done the complete shopping list online to be delivered on Tuesday. I will then be covered until the Tuesday after Easter. I think that is the first Easter since more then 50 years that I will have no stress with anything. The shopping is completed and I will not be cooking for a banquet. Also the purchase of easter bunnies and eggs is at a minumum, almpst non-existant. Holidays are good, but I no longer need them to the extent that I collapse into a chair and fall asleep already in the early evening. Our pandemic has changed life a lot. It is not a positive occurrence, but I have learnt a lot from it.

Not only have I discovered the secrets of baking your own bread, but today I will attempt the production of my own pizza(s). There was a programme last week daily on the British TV about two young men from Wales that decided to enter a pizza competition in Italy. They have their own pizza van where they bake and sell their own. They departed with their electric van (naturally accompanied with a TV crew in their own car) and on the way visited various pizza parlours and discovered the details of the perfect Italian pizza. Yesterday they even visited the best mozarella cheese factory showing how the cheese is manufactured. It was on the TV daily for half an hour. I have visited Italy myself now and again and what would a visit be without visiting a pizzaria.

Pizza Boys

I have included the link, but am not sure if you can receive it in countries outside Europe, but just to give you an idea. It was interesting to see the ideas they picked up on the way. I had already made my own pizza dough, which turned out quite well. Today I will combine it with the cooked tomato base on the pizza and add some ingredients. No. 1 son like the tuna fish pizza most of all, but Mr. Swiss and I prefer quattro stagioni and the one with just basil leaves, tomato and mozarella. I will make two pizzas and hope for a good result. One of the less positive results of covid is that I have now had time to sort out my life.

Otherwise life continues as usual and at last this lovely little finch lost his shyness and got a little closer to the camera, no longer hiding in the longer grass.

It is really a colourful little bird. I think it is the normal house finch, but I find it something special.

Otherwise I at last managed a photo of my robin sitting on a tree. Usually it is hovering around the food supplies, but here it was having a rest from the eternal eating spree. I have now had a look on the computer and it seems that this is a male robin. The females have a more wishy-washy colour, meaning that I have not yet seen a female, but perhaps she is hidden away brooding out the eggs – who knows.

Yesterday I was thinking about going places, but decided home is also a good place to be. I had a nice easy day. Sometimes being a golden oldie has its advantages. Enjoy the week-end everyone, take it easy, and enjoy what you do, or at least try to.