RDP Sunday: Human

I spent the afternoon taking a wheelie around the local farm so I did not have very much human contact. However, as if by signal the geese all began to talk together. I don’t think they were actually listening to what they were saying, but were making a lot of noise. I decided there is not always a big difference between humans and geese.

RDP Sunday: Human

Good Morning

Something is missing in my little world. I stopped hugging the bed and then I realised it. Was I ready to leave my comfortable space? Everything was where it should be. I ventured outside for a morning photo but there was something wrong. the sun was there but not in its usual place: a little further left and lower than usual. Had our earth changed its path in the sky? Of course not. Silly me. Some time during the night we had lost an hour. It had disappeared as always in March. One day it will return again as always when we have a glorious night rest with one hour more, but now we have lost an hour of sleep. I remember the radio yesterday permanently reminding us how wonderful it will now be with an hour more light in the evening to enjoy the summer evenings outside. I decided I do not need this, I enjoy my evenings with or without the lost hour. And what about my colleagues in my homeland of England? They also lost an hour, but a different hour, because they are always in front with an hour. They will never celebrate the midday hour with me, but now back to the reality of the day, with or without a lost hour.

Yesterday I had another visit from the crow. This time there were two, so it looks like that the pairs are forming and there will soon be little baby crows in the nest. I wonder if they make such as noise as their parents. It looks like in the photo that the man is organising and the lady is searching for the food. Crows are not very much different to humans.

The robin also arrived and as an exception he was seen with some sparrows, although he did not stay long and was preparing too leave when I took the photo.

Here there seems to be a territorial debate about the distribution of the food supplies.

And a magpie was watching from the trees, making sure that no other birds took the peanuts laying on the ground.

The crow had already disappeared with one of the walnuts.

Otherwise I did make my two pizzas yesterday completely by myself. The pastry was perfect, but perhaps the shape not so perfect. This is my tuna fish pizza for No. 1 son, before it was baked, which is his favourite.

I made my own tomato sauce for spreading on the pizza, but only needed half of it for the two pizzas. I decided to freeze the other half for the next attempt. Basically it all went well, although I had to wait for No. 1 son and perhaps it was a few minutes too long in the oven. The next time I wait for no-one and those that arrive late have bad luck. I decided that, like bread, pizzas need practice but I will not give up.

And now to move on, I have already lost an hour this morning. Even the clocks are against me and my iphone/pad alter the time automatically, there is no escape. Have a good Sunday and try to make up for lost time during the day. I can compensate with my after lunch sleep, but I do that every day. Perhaps I might escape this afternoon to the great unknown.