Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 12, 2018

St. Urs. Fountain 22.07 (2)

I have been busy wheeling around in the town and found this on one of our fountains.

Baselstrasse 06.08 (1)

I suppose there are easier ways to cut grass or is that the guy that always carries a scythe with him.

Ornaments 22.07 (1)

Looks like the dwarfs were on their annual school trip

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 12, 2018

RDP #73: Fungible


I am not fungible, I am unique
What it means I had to seek
Does it mean I’m a fungus spreading everywhere?
Or perhaps I am just a geek

When I was born the case was clear
I remained an only child
My parents saw me and wanted no more
I think it was when I smiled

At school I was the odd one out
I think it was my fate
Every morning rise and shine
But I was always late

And then it was time to go to work
I was working in accounts
I made the mistake of paying to much
And the cheques began to bounce

And so my career quickly came to an end
I decided to find a man
On the licence it said for better or worse
So I had him in the can

We have now been married for 50 years
Too late to cast me out
Although he complains I have a loud voice
Perhaps because I shout

And now my spores are everywhere
I am an original and the best
There is no cure for perfection
It’s my character to be a pest

RDP #73: Fungible

Good Morning

Aeroplane 11.08 (2)

It’s a blue sky day today but luckily temperatures are behaving. Nothing of those hot airless days. It is 8.50 in the morning and I have made myself comfortable on the porch with some slices of bread and jam and a cup of tea, my english breakfast. My Mac is perched on the table and ready to go with the latest episodes the life of a golden oldie somewhere in Switzerland where the cows and crows say goodnight to each other, or perhaps good morning. The cows are still keep inside during the day because of the high temperatures and are doing the night shift on the meadows.

We have the noise of the flights from and to Zürich and Geneva over our heads, being on some of the main flight paths, but another good subject for a photo. There are many other planes above, but we do not see all and they are the silent ones. We have a small airfield near us, Grenchen, and it is used mainly for smaller private planes and of course the gliders. I was saying to Mr. Swiss we should make an excursion there, it is only 15 minutes by road and would be a good source for photos. When we were young and lovely (we are still lovely) we used to go there for a drink in the restaurant with the kids and watch the planes doing what they do.

Crops harvested 11.08 (1)

I planned on a wheelie with my chair to the local town yesterday, although was not so sure. By the first photo I realised my favourite 200 lens refused to focus. I have a second one at home, but a 150 lens which is not so good on the flower closeups. I decided to turn round and get it from home, with intentions of having a close look at the 200 lens later, so I changed my plan and remained in the area. I wanted to take some photos of our growing maize field in any case. I remember them being little green shoots in the ground and now they have corn cobs and will soon be ready to harvest. No corn on the cobs for the humans, it is the sort of maize generally prepared for animals.

Chickens 09.08 (5)

I looked in on the chickens on the way and the rooster was hopping around looking after his ladies. this is the new rooster. I do not know what sort of rooster this is, but he is not exactly blessed with good looks. Resembles something that Stephen King could use in a book.

Chickens 11.08 (2)

Perhaps he frightens the hens into egg production. The even hide their heads under their wings when the see him coming.

We had a nice lay-in this morning, no rush to go anywhere and do things. I solved my lens problem with the camera. A small lever had been changed, and now it is working again. I must had inadvertently shifted it. I will probably be on my wheelchair travels again this afternoon.  It is Sunday when I really like to go into town, because not many do. We always have a few tourists that seem to take the train from Zürich and stop off on the way in Solothurn. It is also very popular in the French speaking part of Switzerland being only about half and hour away from the change in the German to French speaking part of Switzerland. My son works in the area which should be 60% german speaking, but uses mainly French in the office.

Feldbrunnen 11.08 (4)

I will leave you with a view on our local stables and in the distance the Bernese middle lands, a flat plain reaching down to the the alps. On a good day you can see them, but there was too much haze on this day. I took the picture from our local castle on its hill. You can see some little white patches poking through the trees on the left – that would be the estate where I live on the other side of the main road.

I hope your day will be a good one, or that you are sleeping well. I will be back with more news from the outback of the Swiss countryside.