Thursday Prompt: Teleport


On a full moon night I like to teleport
I saddle my trusty broom and polish up my wart
Some call me a witch, others get a scare
It might be my pointy hat that causes them to stare
I take my feline with me, he meows and is jet black
On the way he catches flies, they serve him as a snack
We all meet at the graveyard and then we have a dance
Round the various gravestones, we go into a trance
The broom head was struck by lightening, burning with a flame
And then I dived into a pond to cool it down and tame
I did not sink and did not drown, witches always survive
I am now 500 years old and still awake and alive
If you see me at halloween, then I only want a treat
I only eat the jelly eyeballs, so make sure they are sweet

Thursday Prompt: Teleport

Not so Good Morning

Morning Clouds

How wil the weather be today? I am not very pleased with it at the moment, because it is very indecisive. Yesterday afternoon I was ready for a wheelie in my chair to go into town. I was looking forward to it as I noticed there were some interesting constructions being made for our Autumn Fair as we were on our way to the supermarket.

HESO 29.08.2018

It looked interesting and I intended to get a closer look in the afternoon. So I got ready and as I left the appartment yes, it began to rain. It was a little cloudy, but not so bad and I thought it might stop in a few minutes, but it did not and so I returned and decided to forget the whole thing. Half and hour later no rain and even a little sun, but it was too late, so I was a stay at home person.

Another little problem was that my photos, which I have cancelled from the camera in the meanwhile, are missing. I must have forgot to upload them onto my online files and I only have two on my computer. Ok, nothing special, just a few from the supermarket visit, but I could have used a couple this morning.

And so it is a short offer this morning. I have now lost time searching for photos that I probably forgot yesterday.


All I can manage is one of my camera phone photos I took in the flower shop at the supermarket, the other photos seem to be non-existant. Problems of a forgetful golden oldie not doing what she should on the computer.

I am now off, out of desperation of being able to write something else. I have some cleaning to do and lunch to cook and I hope that the weather will behave today and let me out this afternoon. Travelling in a wet wheelchair is not fun and better to avoid.

I hope your day is progressing better than mine at the moment – a very disappointed Angloswiss with not much to say.

Storm Clouds