RDP #76: Freedom

Baseltor 30.07.2018

In the olden days our town was closed down for the night to stop others getting in, or was it to let the people get out? One way or the other freedom had many meanings in olden times.

Personally I have discovered the meaning of freedom when I no longer have it. I could always come and go as I pleased, it was a natural part of life. It was because I could do this it never had a deeper meaning. Today, especially over the last couple of years, I have realised what freedom is. I was perhaps one of the lucky ones, as my MS was “only” diagnosed 3 years ago. I did not realise that I was slowing down and that my problems with walking were an MS reason. I would tire out quicker and long walks suddenly became a burden more than an exercise in the fresh air.

And so the problem was clarified by a specialist and complicated examinations, I had MS. Ok, no big deal, many people have MS and I was one of the “lucky” ones as my problems were not as bad as others, although I got tired quite quickly. Suddenly my walks were reduced to half an hour at the most. If I fell it was a big problem to get back on my feet, although once I was up I could move again. I slowly became a prisoner in my own home and body, only going places with Mr. Swiss in the car. I could still drive a car. My problem is my left leg which decided to detach itself from my body now and again, but who needs a left leg to drive an automatic gear change in a car. You only need a right foot. I was hobbling around with a cane most of the time, but could still move independently within my own 4 walls. It got to the point where my freedom was limited going into the garden because I fell now and again.

One day we had a discussion about it and I decided the solution was a wheelchair, but an electric one. I wanted to regain my independence and did not want an official wheelchair-pusher. Wheelchairs seem to be an threat hanging over your head if you spoke to the experts. They would warn you that I should be careful otherwise ……… and all that jazz. I got there before them. I decided why not and so I did it all my own. I did not ask the doctor or specialist I had a look around and found the place where I could buy one, not too far from where I live, just a short journey. And now I am free again.

Since last Christmas I have my wheelchair. It was delivered, suited to my taste and a guy came with it to give me first instructions. I remember my first trial run around my home outside. The guy came with me. Opposite our place there is a steep ramp to get to the path.


I asked him if I could do that, and he said “try” and I got to the top in no time, although the first few weeks I avoided the ramp and took the straight path. I only did local trips for the first few months and then came Spring and I went a little further. I realised combining the new experience with photography was ideal. I did not have to carry my camera and only take one lens with me. I organised a nice roomy bag and now I am on my way with the camera and 3 lens, what could be better.

It was only last month that I chanced my first trip into the local town with the cobblestones, but I survived. I am surviving too well it seems as I now disappear quite often for a wheelie. I have my freedom of movement again and it is a decision I have never regretted. I noticed a certain reluctance, almost shock, when I informed my doctor and specialist, but I know I did the right thing. I had regained my freedom again.

RDP #76: Freedom

Good Morning

Morning Sky

This morning we have cumulus clouds, at least we did. They have already disappeared to make room for blue skies and sun. Today we have a holiday and being a golden oldie I did not even realise it until yesterday when my son came home from work and said that he did not have to go to work the next day. I was surprised as I was sure his company had enough work. It soon crystallised into the fact that today no-one would be working in our Kanton as it is a catholic holiday for Assumption Day. I then remembered in my dark days of being a working woman, that 15th August was indeed a free day.

Good news for the workers, but not so good for the golden oldies that were not prepared for the fact that today all the shops would be closed. As we shop on a two day routine, it meant that the cupboard would be bare on Wednesday and Thurday and so yesteday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Angloswiss made their way to the supermarket. There was an advantage. Tuesday if 10% cheaper day for golden oldies. I usually do not go shopping on Tuesday so for once I could use my permit. I noticed that I am not so active in the afternoon and walking is then not my strong point. In future all afternoon walks will be done with my walker I decided. I really felt giddy and weak in the store yesterday. Within an hour we had completed our quest and were on the way home again. Thankyou son, otherwise we would not have realised that today everything is closed.

Even as a golden oldie it has its advantages. We hugged our beds this morning a little longer and discovered no stress and planning for a morning’s shopping, it was already done.

Yesterday evening I was sitting out on the porch iPadding (a new verb) and Kindling (another new verb) and suddently noticed this.


It was as if I was in a scene from The Poltergeist movie, one of Steven Spielberg’s, and the sky was reflecting in an very mysterious way. Perhaps they had landed, or was Donald Trump dying his hair. Who knows, but this was worth a photo or two, or three, or even more. I did it all with my iPhone X which has really a super photo function. I watched as the effect disappeared. It only lasted about 10 minutes and was the result of the setting son reflecting on the clouds. Sometimes nature plays the most beautiful tricks.

Amthausplatz Solothurn 12.08.2018

Perhaps I might make another tour into our town this afternoon if the weather temperature remain in a comfortable range. The fountains on our Amthausplatz are still spouting although we should be saving water at the moment. Amthaus would mean the district offices in English and it is where we have two large buildings, Amthaus 1 and 2 with the local law courts and official offices. There used to be one nice fountain on this square about 50 years ago, but some bright spark decided to have it all modernised and now we have this toy fountain lookalike spouting out of the ground in the middle of the square.

And I will now move on to lead the life of a lady of leisure. I might even get bored when I have nothing to do. Make the most of whatever you want to make the most of and enjoy the day. See you around some time in my afternoon.

Feldbrunnen 11.08 (1)