RDP #71: Effervescent

Fountain 09.08.2018

Here I am again, my usual bubbly self
I evervesson so much, I try to keep my health
It must be the coke I am drinking, that keeps me on the road
It’s full of gas and fills me up to a point I might explode
But this is only the summer days to cool my bloodstream down
Autumn will soon be upon us and the coke can stay in town

Fountain 08.07 (4)

In the meanwhile I will keep sprudeling, just like a water spout
Although something is disturbing me, because I often read a shout
They always say she was a bubbly person, but in the past tense you see
Is that what they write on my gravestone as a memory of me?

RDP #71: Effervescent

Good Morning

Morning sunrise

What I would call a picture book sky, with cumulus clouds, as least I think they are. At last we are back to “nomal” temperatures, for the time being, perhaps. Never trust the weather, it can be very misleading. We even had rain yesterday during the day, not very much, but it was good combined with a stronger breeze. I felt almost fit again. I was suffering quite badly from the hot temperatures, it does not match very well with my MS. I hope it now stays like this.

Clouds 09.08 (5)

I went for a wheelie in my chair for an hour yesterday afternoon in the surroundings. I had not done this trip for some time as I now go more often into town. I noticed a few clouds gathering in the background to our local castle. I wanted to wheel on to the castle, but there were a few threatening drops of rain in the air, so did a direct line to see what my friends the chickens were doing.

Chickens 09.08 (1)

One of the guys at the farm was busy gathering eggs from the coup, so they seemed to be quite productive. I do not think the chickens even miss their kids when they disappear on our breakfast table as an egg. I notice that now and again a few chickens sort of half bury themselve in the grass and earth and you only see the top half of their bodies. Perhaps it is how they cool off in the hot weather, or just something that chickens like to do: their own airconditioning system.

Swans 09.08 (2)

I also noticed that the little cygnets were growing and slowly becoming black swans like their mum and dad. At first they were just balls of fluff. but now the fluff has been replaced by feathers. They will soon have their red  beaks and the white feathers here and there will all become black. It is wonderful to see how nature does its best.

Now the rain seemed to want to be more than just a few drops, but I was not so far from home. I wheeled on in top speed and got home before the big downpour began, but I felt good when I arrived home. At last I had been in the fresh air again and not with the hot sun beating down. Actually the wheelchair does give you air movement as you are wheeling along. For a while there were hardly any farm animals outside. They stayed sheltered from the sun.

The cows were kept in the stables during the day because of the heat and only allowed out at night and I am not happy about taking photos of cows at midnight by the light of the moon. I noticed that even the horses were inside most of the time and was happy to see that on the other side of the road where there are also horses, they were now again on the meadow.

Horse 09.08 (5)

And the rest of the day I spent at home writing a bit and working on my photos. This morning I am out on the porch writing. I now use my Apple computer mostly. It is compact and lightweight. Up to now I was always on my Acer Microsoft in the morning, but I discovered that my Mac is almost better as I am more mobile.

Today is Friday, day of the big shopping. No. 1 son has already decided to go for a day’s excursion to Zürich, just a little more than an hour by train from where we live, and so it will be a romantic lunch for Mr. Swiss and I. We are still thinking about what to eat, but probably settle for fish and chips. The list is made and when I have done the tour of the appartment with vacuum cleaner and mop I will be almost ready.

I noticed some coneflowers growing in a neighbours garden so will share them with you here. It is week-end, Lots of opportunities to do things and go places and not only the supermarket as I usually do. Make the most of it, the week begins soon enough and keep safe.

Echinacea 09.09 (3)