RDP #73: Fungible


I am not fungible, I am unique
What it means I had to seek
Does it mean I’m a fungus spreading everywhere?
Or perhaps I am just a geek

When I was born the case was clear
I remained an only child
My parents saw me and wanted no more
I think it was when I smiled

At school I was the odd one out
I think it was my fate
Every morning rise and shine
But I was always late

And then it was time to go to work
I was working in accounts
I made the mistake of paying to much
And the cheques began to bounce

And so my career quickly came to an end
I decided to find a man
On the licence it said for better or worse
So I had him in the can

We have now been married for 50 years
Too late to cast me out
Although he complains I have a loud voice
Perhaps because I shout

And now my spores are everywhere
I am an original and the best
There is no cure for perfection
It’s my character to be a pest

RDP #73: Fungible

3 thoughts on “RDP #73: Fungible

  1. Ever since the lady who wrote “Hunting the Wild Mushroom” died of mushroom poisoning, I have a very uncomfortable feeling around toadstools. I’m always afraid the dogs will decide to eat one so if they are in my yard, i crush them. But those really are quite attractive, as fungus goes AND they come with their own poem!

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    • Walks in Autumn here are always very profitable for mushrooms and fungus with the camera. A lot grow out of tree trunks along the river – must be the damp air. I would never eat one that I would pick. I can take them to the local police station. They have an official recognised expert that identifies them.


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