Good Morning

Not such a good morning. It rained all night, just once but did not stop. The sky has clouds hanging everywhere in more than 50 shades of gray and my morning did not begin so well. My first job is to empty Mr. Swiss ash tray. It is not such a bother as it is covered. I just have to take the lid off and empty the relics into a plastic bag. For the first time ever I missed the bag and emptied it onto the surrounds of the sink. Then No. 2 happened. Mr. Swiss had a half cup of cola on the side and I knocked it over: another mess to clear, but luckily also at the side of the sink. It was just not a good beginning to the morning. Of course Mr. Swiss should stop smoking, but at the age of 82 there are some things you cannot change. And as far as having a glass cola ready if you are thirsty – let us not talk about it.

In the meanwhile let us reflect on other events. Due to the wet night I spotted this snail on its way home. They seem to love wet nights. Now it has stopped raining and I am convinced it was now finding a nice crack between the stones for a warm wet relaxing session. At least it had the decency to wear a shell. It is the naked slugs I am not so keen on.

I also discovered this interesting fly yesterday sitting on my sedum in the garden. Even flies can be quite colourful

And let us not forget that today is 1st August, the Swiss national day, although the weather has dampened the fireworks and fires on the mountain sides that are our customs on this day. It might possibly dry out by the evening for the tradition of lighting fires on the mountain sides. As I am writing this the radio news is telling me that until evening it will improve, but will not be so warm. Perhaps there might be a chance to have a bar-b-que in the garden and watch a firework display. Me? No I do not think so, I am only half a Swiss and there are some things I do not bother with. No. 1 son might go into town to witness a few events.

I had a day at home yesterday, and today as well most probably. I am just getting too tired to go anywhere – some days are better than others. Have a good Sunday everyone, and a happy 1st August for the Swiss amongst us (certainly not a lot). I leave you with my buddleia flowers in the garden which also seem to be hanging their heads in the rain.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We were half-planning to take a special boat-tour from 8-11pm but decided (luckily) to wait and see if the weather would get better…. it doesn’t look good.
    Which might have been the reason for some dickheads to let their choice of firecrackers, rockets and what-not rip off yesternight around 11.30pm…. and it rained heavily all night. Not sure if they were thinking anything at all, apart from waking the population of a small town with their noise.
    The next interruption in our normally very quiet surrounding got underway at 5.30am – two men talking with each other and standing not far from our wide open windows…. I really don’t think they were even remotedly aware of how well they could be overheard. They weren’t even shouting, just talking. But it seemed very loud. And that was the ‘non’ start of our First of August Day! Have a good one, anyway.

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    • It is really not so good weather today for 1st August. The Swiss news tell me it will get brighter and better but I have not noticed anything up to now. We also had a few idiots letting off their fireworks yesterday evening, even during the early morning hours. I am glad I no longer have my three cats to keep calm. At the moment I hear isolated cracks and explosions in the area, but nothing spectacular. I thing this year the 1st August will be a wash out in the truest words. It is also quite cool.

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  2. Good morning … Great photos as usual. YOu have such interesting-looking molluscs crawling around in your garden. We too are preparing for a day of rain here … although it has not started yet … take care and have a great day. … SLP …

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  3. Good Morning!
    Fires on the mountain sides in the middle of summer? What could go wrong? Well, fire season is not so much of a concern like it is here. Even as a kid, I thought that fireworks on Independence Day, which is on the Fourth of July; seemed rather dangerous, but the tradition began on the East Coast, where forest fires were not so much of a problem.
    The yellow snail seems to have similar fashion sense to the banana slugs here.

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    • The Swiss are a people of bonfire lovers. When they have something to celebrate, they light a fire. There is no great danger on the mountain sides as vegitation is more sparse. The wet weather is bringing out the snails and slugs

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  4. I went to see my doctor the other day. I wanted to see if I could get different medications that have fewer side effects. He asked me if I was still tired all the time and I had to admit, yup, I am. Some of it is just age. Some of it is arthritis. More of it is not sleeping well BECAUSE of the age and the arthritis. So he wants to get some bloodwork done and see if there’s something more going on. This just reminded me that I think I have an appointment but I have no idea when. Oops!

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    • That is one of the reasons that I must remember to put everything in my iPhone to remind me. I also have arthritis in my right hand with all the strange lumps and bumps,and It fells like Pins and needles. Getting old is a nuiscance, something new all the time


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